23.01.2022 Article

The Last Soldier: A Podium Motivational Speech

By Rutendo Mtisi
The Last Soldier: A Podium Motivational Speech
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Today let me take you back to the Russian Revolution of 1917.Those who heard the history must know that there were conflicts between the Petrograd Soviet and Provisional government which had replaced the Czar government. Due to the confusion caused by this Russia's participation in the World War 1 was now being questioned. The Provisional government tried to put the situation under control, but their failure led to mass dissertation of soldiers at the front.

While reading this from a book titled "Europe and Beyond" I noticed a picture of three soldiers which was captured by a war camera. There was a soldier holding his gun trying to stop two of his comrades from leaving. I know that the truthfulness of this picture here might be in question here but whether true or false my story remains the same.

You see in life there are some goals, objectives and dreams we want to achieve.

How willing are we to achieve them? How loyal are we, our dreams?

It's never a smooth sail to achieve them, you will face a lot of distractions, question your belief in your religion and cry sometimes. The hard way obviously is to continue striving for one's dreams, facing whatever comes your way. Well, the unfortunate thing obviously is that most of us chose the easy way out, we quit, we give up, we stop trying. I like this soldier in question because of the three in the picture he was the only one still holding his gun displaying evidently that he was not going to put it down easily. In real life if you, yourself chose not to fight for your dreams nobody will do it for you. You know where you want to be and only you can put yourself there otherwise you won't make it Even if your friends with whom you once shared a dream with give up on it. Be the last soldier to put the gun down