On politics, what is practiced today in Ghana is largely not politics at all

Feature Article On politics, what is practiced today in Ghana is largely not politics at all
JAN 22, 2022 LISTEN

Any Ghanaian living in Europe, America, or outside Ghana, who claims that the current government in power is better than the previous governments and, therefore, it is good for the common people, is not only a tribalist but a very wicked person with no sympathy in him.

This article will reveal the hypocrisy and wickedness of many Ghanaians in the Diaspora, whose dogs and cats are even receiving better medical care than the common Ghanaians, yet they live in the UK, Holland, America, Belgium, Germany, etc; and continue to promote the bad NPP government because of tribalism.

If I analyze the kind of politics today in Ghana, many things tell you immediately that the current politicians in power are struggling or will do anything evil if necessary to win the 2024 elections for them to survive but not a fight for the survival of the common people.

Before anyone doubts what I am saying, I need to ask you a few questions. Has it been easy for the common Ghanaians in the past five years since Nana Akufo Addo became the president?

If five years have been wasted and have benefited only the NPP politicians, what is the guarantee that 2024 will be better for the common people?

It is not an exaggeration, since the president has failed to protect the public’s purse and has kept every corrupt NPP politician and journalist in his government, there is nothing anymore Akufo Addo will say about the fight against corruption for the common people to believe him, therefore, that promise is over.

Nana Akufo Addo will be more than a comedian or will become a laughing stock if he ever raises his voice to say “I, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, I am not corrupt, therefore, I will continue to declare war against corruption."


If you are a Ghanaian and you see such a beautiful animal hospital, then you don’t need to look far or imagine how real hospitals for human beings are in Europe or the United States of America.

I will not sit down in fear because someone will kill me for criticizing Akufo Addo's bad and nepotic government, without looking for a better life for the common Ghanaians.

I will continue to make a hell for all the corrupt Ghanaian politicians because they have made the common people too experience hell, unnecessary suffering, and hardships caused by the NPP's incompetence and corruption.

Nothing is working in Ghana, everything has gone bad in the country. The people have no job, crime has increased and the country is under huge debt, yet the NPP government is talking of breaking the eight, breaking what? Let them break 10.

Don’t they have compassion for the suffering Ghanaians? Can't they see they are gradually causing suffering and hunger holocaust in Ghana? Why are they so greedy that they have failed to see the havoc they have caused to Ghana?

The reality is in any good country if there will ever be a free and fair election, I don’t think among the political parties, the NPP will even get 1% vote after elections and certainly, in any developed country, none of the NPP politicians, including the president will ever get a post because each one of them is a waste.

A waste of natural resources, a waste of Ghana’s taxpayers’ money because these politicians, including Akufo Addo, are collecting fat salaries and benefits but they have denied the country everything for the common people to live like normal human beings.

I’m sorry to say that animals in developed countries live better than the common Ghanaians. In the developed countries, the animals’ veterinary is more equipped with modern health facilities to diagnose animals' health problems than what the Ghanaian hospitals have for human beings.


In Europe and the United States of America, animals have ambulances, how many ambulances do Ghanaian hospitals have? So if you look at the way animals are even treated better than the common Ghanaians, then I am right to say what is being practiced in Ghana is not politics at all.

Sometimes, it’s annoying when you realize that the government in power has failed the people, moreover, they are not good to rule, yet they want to force and win the election that follows 2020.

It’s insane, I think it’s the same anger that often ignites military coups in Africa or West Africa. The NPP will never win the 2024 elections because they have proved to be criminals and corrupt more than the NDC government they painted black.

Jane Mensah, the Electoral Commission's boss, wouldn't dare this time to repeat the same mistakes she did which has earned her military protection for the rest of her life because people mustn't play with the hunger and anger of the youth.

Any party that comes to power after the NPP must set up an independent judiciary panel to investigate the NPP government to uncover how the country's finances were used. In fact, this is what they are afraid of.

Anyone found guilty of stealing the government's money, including the president, shouldn't be spared. All of them should be thrown into prison to serve between five and fifteen years. It is not only military governments that jail corrupt politicians, democratic governments can do that too.

Go to Google and find out how many corrupt politicians have been jailed in the United State of America? Without that Ghana will never be a successful country. That's why on December 28, 2021, I published "Fighting Against Corruption Is Not By Mouth Akufo Addo, These Corrupt American Politicians Were Jailed"


A country where its law works jail everyone, including corrupt politicians. These are some of the jailed corrupt American politicians. Akufo Addo shouldn't say that since Mahama didn't do that I will not do it. A little thing makes someone different and respectful.

I am writing with confidence that in 2024, the NPP government will lose the elections but what will happen aftermath is what will shock Ghanaians. Many of them will run out of the country to live outside Ghana because they know the financial crimes they have committed will be exposed by the opposition.

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