Covid-19: 123,328 people vaccinated in Savannah Region — GHS

By Abraham Ananpansah
Health Covid-19: 123,328 people vaccinated in Savannah Region — GHS
JAN 21, 2022 LISTEN

A total of 123,328 people have so far been vaccinated against the covid-19 in the Savannah Region.

The Ghana Health Service(GHS) confirmed in a media briefing held at Damongo, the Savannah regional capital to bring the general public up to speed with regards to the progress of work towards the fight against the deadly virus.

Doctor Chrystantus Kubio, the Savannah Regional Health Director, who made the disclosure said the current data was taken as of January 1, 2022.

He stated," Savannah Region is targeting to vaccinate 385,536 eligible population".

Doctor Chrystantus Kubio indicated that based on several considerations, including safety, efficacy and potential effectiveness, the region had received a total of 155,780 doses of AstraZeneca,13,440 doses of Moderna,43,700 doses of Johnson and Johnson and 50,310 doses of Pfizer; bringing the total vaccines received to 263,230 doses.

"The country target to vaccinate 20 million people segmented by population groups and geography, excluding children and pregnant women. Savannah Region is targeting to vaccinate 385,536 eligible population. In the long run, the vision is to expand the vaccination to include children and pregnant women as time goes on and more safety data become available," he said.

He lamented the low patronage of the vaccines in the region is as a result of the many conspiracy theories and false information circulating on social and print media, with some holding the conviction that the vaccines cannot simply protect them against the virus.

A lot of people he noted were resisting the jab, even as "we enter the fourth wave of the pandemic."

He called on the media to help address the public misconceptions and hesitancy of the COVID-9 vaccination in the region in order to reduce the risk of the spread of the virus.

The benefits of the vaccination in his estimation far outweigh the perceived conspiracies, including a potential reduction in Coronavirus ill-health and deaths and reduced disruption of social and economic functions.

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