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Indeed, We Have A Battle To Fight , But Not Among Ourselves But Against

Indeed, We Have A Battle To Fight , But Not Among Ourselves But Against
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My brothers and sisters, why do Ghanaians still see themselves as different people. I always read with a shock why in the 21st century, Ghanaians still follow Opinions, Policies, Teams and Political parties based on tribal grounds. It is amazing the so called educated ones who are expected to know better and educate our poor parents especially those in the rural areas are rather those who are heavily indulged in this social vice. It is therefore not a surprised professor Aryeetey called them educated buffoons. I am always flabbergasted to read on forums how Ghanaians insult each other with their tribes. What is happening? Do we really learn from our past as people? Lets consider countries like Great Britain and America, Great Britain is made up of Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England whiles America is made up of 51 States (previously different people altogether). Even the people of America came from different countries and continents such as England, Ireland, and France and of course Africa. If they have made it, why can't we make it as well? Are we still ignorant as our illiterate ancestors? My brothers and sisters, let us consider how these countries and people have learnt to live together as one people despite the fact that they came from different places. Why can't we learn from them? Americans see themselves as one people and always fight together only for the interest of the country. It is amazing we still support political parties with our tribal men as leaders to the detriment of our nation. What I know is, most of the problems that we are going through today are due to the tribal differences that existed between our forefathers. We are paying for the price of their inability to understand and live together as one people. If we continue to follow their bad examples, after all the knowledge and experience we have had, then I trust posterity will never forgive us. One important point I want us to bear in mind is, it is very easy to defeat people who are divided hence the necessity for us to unite. Have we forgotten about indirect rule? This was a weapon used by our colonial masters to divide and rule us so that they could easily achieve their evil ambitions. Our political leaders have also followed their foot -steps after independence to use the same weapon to rule us. Why do we still allow such an evil practice to remain in our midst? It is not a secret that this weapon of divide and rule is still a strong weapon for our former colonial masters. For most of the Western countries to conquer some of the countries they defeated in the 13th -18th centuries (especially if it were difficult to conquer such a country), they had to get a portion of the people in that particular country and set them against themselves. This weakens their enemies after they have fought and killed themselves. After this, they will then attack the nation with their might and conquer it. Is this not the same strategy that was and is still used in Ghana and for that matter Africa? The world is moving fast and what matters most now should not be tribal wars but rather what can be done to push our nation forward. Taking into account the technological developments and globalisation of the world's economies, I can predict with hundred per cent certainty the return of indirect rule if not already in place in a disguised form which would be severe than what our fore fathers experienced. If we fail to unite and put the development of our nation first and stop fighting over tribal supremacy and political power, "somebody" would come from outside one day and take over what we are fighting over. With this in mind, we should make sure whatever decision we take, we should first ask ourselves, whether it would promote the interest of the nation? Would it unite us as one people? This party that I am going to vote for, am I just voting for this party because it is branded as Ewe party, Ashanti party, Ga party, Northerners party Fante party and so on. We should always vote for parties that have the interest of the nation at heart. This is very vital for the development of our nation but until we unite this dream would never be realized and our politicians shall continue to make a fool out of us and enrich their families and cronies at the interest of the nation.

Having noticed the significance of unity, the question then is how do we make it a reality? No one person has the answer therefore we should come out with our ideas in order to deliver our nation from the shackles of wicked politicians and any form of policy that is not in the interest of the nation wherever it's source.

Indeed, we have a battle to fight but not with insults or weapons and also not among ourselves but against POVERTY, TRIBALISM, DISEASE, CORRUPTION and IGNORANCE.

God will help us, if we take the initiative to help ourselves. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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