20.01.2022 Feature Article

Should Ghana's traditional rulers start reforming their archaic-straitjacket institutional-frameworks?

Should Ghana's traditional rulers start reforming their archaic-straitjacket institutional-frameworks?
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For their own good, it is vital that all our nation's traditional rulers, understand clearly, that this is a 2022 modern-day African nation, sitting on a ticking social-time-bomb. Past pre-colonial-glories count for nothing, to today's young people, fed up to the backteeth, with a mostly incompetent, greedy and selfish political class, completely out of touch with realities-on-the-ground: a tension-filled national mood bedrocked on anger and hunger.

Furthermore, for the information of Nananom, many Ghanaians now feel that inherited-privilege, is preventing Ghana from becoming a meritocracy, in which effort and achievement, not nepotism, determines one's success. It is fueling the rebellious-streak we see right across urban Ghana amongst base-of-the-pyramid demographics. Yoooooo...

And, worst of all, for Nananom, many young people have now started pointing out the fact that India, which had Maharajah's whose magnificence and power, far outstripped those of all Ghana's traditional rulers without exception, clipped their wings and stripped them of all their powers, and is consequently now a world power, precisely because its nationalist leaders had the wisdom and foresight, to turn India into a meritocracy free from the debilitating-downsides of inherited privilege.

Finally, dear reader, with the greatest respect, in case they can't see it, the writing is on the wall for traditional rulers in Ghana, ooooo. They had better start reforming their archaic-straightjacket institutional-frameworks, pronto, ooooo - or change might be forced on them, willy-nilly: when the ticking social-time-bomb eventually explodes, oooo (God forbid). Yoooooooo...

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