Stay away from alcohol, hard drugs — Youth urged

Social News Stay away from alcohol, hard drugs — Youth urged
JAN 19, 2022 LISTEN

Alhaji Khuzaima Mohammed Osman, the Executive Secretary of Tijjaniya Muslims Movement of Ghana (TMMG) has cautioned the youth to stay away from alcohol and hard drugs, including marijuana.

Speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, Alhaji Osman said “using alcohol or drugs can affect young people's health, physical growth and emotional and social development.”

Alhaji Osman noted that the youth might want to fit in with their friends by indulging in such activities but stressed the consequences of drug abuse were severe.

The Tijjaniya Movement Executive Secretary said alcoholism and drug abuse led to moral decadence and untimely death, causing sorrows to families and society at large.

He said alcoholism and drugs also led to the social stigmatization of victims, making children vulnerable to drug-related crimes and activities.

Alhaji Osman encouraged parents to play a key role in educating their children about alcohol and drugs by talking honestly and openly about the effects on their health, school, work and relationships.


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