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24.12.2003 Feature Article

Dr. Mahama, don't misuse Nkrumah´s Legacy.

Dr. Mahama, don't misuse Nkrumah´s Legacy.
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Fellow countrymen, I hate critizising, but I am compelled to do so from the bottom of my heart and to the best of my knowledge, because our nation is being led by various unfaithful leaders in our history. Our mother land is now in a bad shape because most of our politicians have no vision of their own to lead the country, instead they are engaged in condemning each other for their selfish ends. This is a country where human and natural resources are in abundance at our disposal and yet most of our leaders have no eyes to see. Antagonism, hatred, discrimination, selfishness, tribalism and outright lies, has become our national anthem. For example: It was reported on the 23rd of December 2003 that: “Barely two days after urging an electioneering campaign devoid of insults and mudslinging, President John Kuffour has been heavily criticized by the leader of the Peoples National Convention Dr. Edward Mahama for being insincere in the face of growing hardship by Ghanaians”. Answering questions whilst delivering his New Year message, Mahama said Ghanaians will be celebrating the festivities in hardship because of what he calls “the country’s worsening economic situation”. I wish some one with a clear mind will ask Dr. Mahama since when has he experienced Ghanaian enjoying a pleasant Christmas in our history?. Can he recollect any year?. If he has lost his memory, let someone remind him that since 24 February 1966, Ghanaians cannot claim that the country has ever enjoyed any happy Christmas. Happy Christmas, as we all know today in our Ghanaian history, cannot not be celebrated by all Ghanaians. This happy Christmas is mostly enjoyed by most of our “Elite”, where he Mahama belongs to. I hope someone out there will tell me that this is a false allegation.

Ironically, Mahama went on to say that: “On behalf of the PNC, my family and myself, I wish to use the opportunity of this special time of the year to wish all my fellow citizens and guests from other lands a truly merry Christmas and an equally fulfilling New Year. However, with all sincerity and honesty, I know that conditions are so gloomy that most Ghanaian families would be forced to postpone celebrating this Christmas”. I challenge whoever doubts this to ask at random any ten citizens in our streets or in tro-tro (public mini buses), only to confirm the present hopeless climate that is the cause of long queues at various embassies by Ghanaians struggling to get out of our sinking ship for other lands, just as our doctors, nurses and other professionals readily do. This reminds me when Jerry John Rawlings declared that he will make it possible for poor people to live like rich people in Ghana. Yes today every Ghanaian is truly “Rich”. Yes, today our children are no more selling dog chains and other accessories on the streets. Yes, today our people are so rich that celebrating Christmas is a joyful venture. Yes, today our children are enjoying free education at all levels. Let’s give thanks to Rawlings and Ghanaian politicians.

If this is true, then why is it that rich people like Ghanaians, have now turned to be so poor that they can´t even afford celebrating a joyful Christmas? Today, why are our doctors, nurses and other professionals running away from this wealthy country? Yes, why are our children of school-going age are forced to waste the prime of their lives congesting street intersections in our principal cities selling dog chains and other accessories?. Yes, where is the “Free education” that was established after independence?

Yes, why is it that Ghanaians spends over 6 Billion dollars a year importing dead chicken, beef and other imports that our country can easily produce?. Are these imported livestock’s free from BSA diseases?. Who does the control?. Why can´t this money be used to develop our own poultry and livestock farms? We have our honourable minister for agriculture. We have our so-called agricultural expects. We have dedicated men wanting to go into such laudable business. What are our so-called leaders doing about this situation?. This is perhaps irrelevant to the state or leaders like Dr. Mahama and others, but rather he Mahama has the audacity to say that:

“We of the PNC are not omniscient nor do we pretend to have monopoly over answers to all our national problems. However, as demonstrated during the first Republic under the late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and the third republic under the late Dr. Hilla Limann, we of the PNC would push further the commitment we have inherited in implementing a truly honest, transparent and people centred government that would combine the power of national reconciliation with tapping the talent and expertise of all our citizens at home and abroad to put Ghana towards achieving reasonable national self-reliance and prosperity. We shall set the example. That is the solemn promise of the PNC for the aftermath of the December 2004 general elections”.

Fellow countrymen, the “Cat” is finally out of his hiding place. Now at long last Ghanaian politicians have admitted that in our history, there is no other comparable Legend than that of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and as such every politician who has no vision on his own, will finally find means to misuse the true Legacy of this Great African whom the same Ghanaian politicians helped to crucify. This is pro-so-called Nkrumah ideology, Rawlings was able to win the hearts of Ghanaians by building a mausoleneum for Kwame Nkrumah. Didn´t he did this to throw dust in the eyes of Ghanaians?. He promised to pursue the good works and ideologies of Kwame Nkrumah by killing innocent Generals and other Citizens and later turned to mount the “Golden Stool” himself. What a brilliant person. What did Ghanaians experienced after 20 years dictatorship?. He claimed to be a Social Democrat and will make poor people live like the rich people in Ghana. Did this happen?. Wasn´t his loud speeches and promises a nightmare?. Another “Liar”?.

Fellow countrymen, the new African is not here to praise the Great African, or to praise anyone regardless their past atrocities, but help to put the records straight.

1. I therefore say: Dr. Mahama please, stop misusing the Legacy of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

2. Again, I say: leave President Kufuor in peace so that he too can prove what he can do for his people. Give the President a break and a breathing space to perform.

Rawlings, the “Junior Jesus” was give 20 years to make every poor Ghanaian to be rich as the rich men in the country. If you think you have anything to do for your country, use your own vision and concept rather that taking Nkrumah´s vision to fool Ghanaians. His political party CPP is still existing as you know and why can´t you join them to pursue the good works of the Great Africa?. What is dividing you so-called Nkumahist aspirants apart? How can you call yourselves Nkrumahist?. Are you are all not liars !!!.

Fellow countrymen, this is the reason why I keep on shouting from the wilderness that most of our leaders are liars. They are corrupt, antagonistic; they have hatred, discrimination and tribalistic spirit in them because of money and power. They are not in there to help and encourage Ghanaians to wake up and develop our nation ourselves without necessarily relying on foreign aids. They have absolute “No Vision” whatsoever and that is why they keep on misusing the Legacy of the Great one. They have all failed in advance. It is about time for someone to tell our politicians that enough is enough. The traitors among us are generally to be found among the men highest placed in education and society, the fellows who call them selves leaders.

We need “Men of character, Men of purpose, Men of confidence, Men of faith, Men of wisdom and Men who really know themselves to be loyal” to lead the country to victory. We need to go out there to tell and teach our children in the Schools, in the Churches and on the Streets the “Truth” so that they will grow to be dedicated men and women to lift up the flag of Ghana once more. We the new uprising, “The Ghana Social Democrats Movement” will not stop talking or stop preaching this “Truth” until our politicians repents from their transgressions against this country. I say: “For their fruits ye shall know them”. God bless you. God bless Ghana. God bless Africa. We wish you all a peaceful Christmas and a productive New Year. Forward ever. We shall over come. Prince Aidoo Junior(Evangelist) Ghana Social Democratic Movement. Germany. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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