Drivers must periodically check their eyes—Optometric Association

Health Drivers must periodically check their eyes—Optometric Association
JAN 18, 2022 LISTEN

The Ghana Optometric Association (GOA) has called on the Ghana Private Road Transport Union, Public, and Commercial Drivers, Institutional Drivers to have regular eyes checks as a bid to assuage road fatalities in the country.

Dr Alfred Gardemor, GOA Public Relations Officer said visual impairment although a sensitive issue, had been relegated to the backbench and called on corporate bodies to insist that their drivers annually undertake optical examination.

“Problems of the eyes may take time for an individual to detect, hence, frequent checking is the best way,” he added.

Dr Gardemor, who is an Optometrist at the Nsawam Government Hospital made the call in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Tema said most road crashes were caused by visual defects, and efforts by drivers to check their eyes frequently would help reduce road carnages drastically.

He said poor night visibility coupled with poor visual guidance on roads were key contributory risk factors associated with night travels.

He called for functioning street lights in built-up areas, road line markings, delineators, and signage for the highways and arterial roads.

Dr Kwame Yeboah Junior, an Optometrist at Cape Coast Teaching Hospital said the prevention of avoidable visual impairment would only be achieved if effective, efficient, and comprehensive eye health services are integrated into the building blocks of health systems strengthening.


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