Ghana, Afrika And Vaccinations

Feature Article Ghana, Afrika And Vaccinations
JAN 18, 2022 LISTEN

In this episode of Ghana in Focus we touch on the vexed issue of vaccinations in Ghana and Afrika as a whole in the light of Ghana becoming the first country in Afrika to impose strict, some would say draconian measures for those seeking to travel to Ghana.

We delve into what may be behind this as well as revealing the actual truth of the number of relatively small numbers of deaths from COVID in Ghana.

We also touch on the Afrikan continent where one country South Afrika, accounts for more than 60% of the total deaths and where the so called Omnikron variant allegedly originated from.

We also analyse the agenda as to why the Western world wants a robust vaccination programme in Afrika when more people have died in the UK alone from COVID 19 then the entire Afrikan continent put together and give historical facts that implies a sinister motive behind this drive.

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