Do Africans agree with Europeans their leaders are the most corrupt in the universe?

Feature Article Do Africans agree with Europeans their leaders are the most corrupt in the universe?
JAN 18, 2022 LISTEN

The looting of African resources and the role they play in enhancing the economies of the developed countries are not important factors to its citizens.

What they know best about Africa is the poor continent with many diseases and corrupt leaders. They hardly speak about how the developed countries destabilized African economies for their selfish gains and the miracle of diseases that suddenly appeared in Africa, apart from malaria.

When the African Union Assembly adopted the African Union Convention on Preventing and Combating Corruption (AUCPCC) in 2003, it was an important step towards addressing the serious problem of corruption on the continent.

The Convention was intended to develop a common road map for the Member States to implement governance and anti-corruption measures aimed at eliminating corruption in Government and business.

Even though today, 44 of the 55 Member States have ratified the Convention, little information is available on how it is implemented in practice.

Africa has become the center of chronic corruption that has affected all its infrastructures, including the health and educational sectors.

Africa holds more than 10% of the global reserves of oil, a third of those of cobalt and other metals, and 40% of the gold in the world, not to mention the huge agricultural potential., yet, there is no development taking place on the continent.


African leaders at the summit, photo credit: Ghana media

The continent has now been taken over by the Chinese after the fall of colonialism decades ago, developing Africa at a huge cost, therefore, developments are slow, while corruption plays a significant role in remitting finances into private banks.

In a continent that has more resources than the remaining continents, Africa should have been developed fully with the best health and educational facilities but it has never been.

The fragile hospital can’t handle pandemics and on many occasions, the rich politicians seek medical treatment in developed countries, while their hospitals lack beds and medical facilities.

The African continent has huge agricultural potential, which would be enough to cultivate the lands in a way that is possible to solve any problem of hunger and poverty, yet African leaders leave all that behind to develop countries begging for food and finance.

It is not a hidden fact that Africa’s resources have been its curse, however, poverty and corruption are part of the policies of African leaders, to exploit their people.

All over the internet, the topmost question above all the questions about Africa is why the leaders are so corrupt? I have no answer, let Africans or the leaders give an answer.

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