The Environment Of 'Atico' Where The Police Officer Pursuing A Commercial Driver Lost Control To Kill A Woman Is Horrible

Feature Article The Environment Of 'Atico' Where The Police Officer Pursuing A Commercial Driver Lost Control To Kill A Woman Is Horrible
JAN 18, 2022 LISTEN

Apart from the filthy environments producing unhygienic odour into the atmosphere, there are also many places in Accra or probably, throughout the whole of Ghana, scattered with broken concrete slabs, uncovered gutters, and tin debris which continue to be a hazard to pedestrians.

While watching 'Joy's News Desk,' over the ‘Atico Accident,’ involving a police officer who lost control to kill a woman when pursuing a commercial driver that has violated traffic rules, many things caught my attention in the video which was disturbing.

I hope whoever is responsible for the maintenance of Ghanaian roads and city planning, will quickly find solutions to create better and safer environments for the inhabitants of the suburb of ‘Atico.’

According to one of the witnesses, there are woods embedded with sharp nails that caused extreme harm to the diseased. Why should dangerous things that could injure people be left without proper disposal?

Hardly can one see such dangerous things in developed countries. This is why we keep writing to make Ghana a better country but many take everything as politics and you will hear either he hates the NPP or the NDC.

In Belgium, on the street of 'Turnhoutsebaan,' I saw a woman calling the police to the scene after damaging one of her car tires by a small unattended pothole.

The police know is the fault of the administrators of The City of Antwerp, therefore, they made papers for the woman and after fixing the tire, Antwerp City paid the amount.

This should have been the case in Ghana too but since the people don’t know their rights and the government doesn’t care about them; they break the laws with impunity.

If the people will hold the Ghanaian government responsible for bad roads by finding a reputable organization seeking the rights of people to sue them, the Ghanaian government will fix everything going bad in that country.

This is not too late, the common people in Ghana have slept for too long, they must wake up and sue the government for negligence. That will force them to be responsible. The politicians take salaries monthly but they ignore their responsibilities.

There are many such organizations overseas that deal with International issues affecting humanity in Africa and they will take action.

How many Ghanaians die each year on the roads? Yet, there are not even street lights to improve the visibility of drivers or road signs to warn drivers where it's necessary to drive 30, 50, or 70 kilometers.

Who is responsible for woods embedded with sharp nails that did major wounds to the deceased? Those dangerous woods shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

When Ghanaian politicians visit developed countries or seek medical care, do they see such dangerous environments? Why in Ghana they don’t care to create better and safer environments for the people?

The Ghanaians citizens pay taxes, therefore, they don’t have to beg for safer environments. It’s the government’s responsibility to make sure that all the environments are clean and streets are free from potholes.

In the video, you will see part of a road eaten by erosion. I don’t know how long this has been left undone because the broadness of the erosion suggests that problem could be there for years. This is not normal because there are workers paid monthly to maintain Ghanaian roads.

In the olden days, during the Nkrumah era, are people from the Town Council that move around to ensure hygienic and safer environments, today, we don’t have such people in Ghana anymore, so Accra and many cities in Ghana remain very filthy.

As long as the Ghanaian government is interested in money by creating multiple taxations to milk the common people, they should also take delight in creating a better and safer environment for the people.

Ghanaians don’t have to beg for what the government has to provide for a better living. Whoever is responsible for the safer roads and environment should fix those problems or better resign.

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