Akufo Addo Has To Pay For The Demolition Of Judges' Bungalows, They Are State Property

Feature Article Akufo Addo Has To Pay For The Demolition Of Judges' Bungalows, They Are State Property
JAN 15, 2022 LISTEN

Akufo Addo is a man I can only describe as someone who measures the depth of a river with his feet, rather than his foot to protect his life.

In other words, he doesn’t plan, survey, review, and analyze things before making decisions. This is one of the reasons he has been a failure in his entire life.

The fact that he promised God a Cathedral if he wins the 2016 elections, the government began demolishing the bungalows of Ghanaian judges with temporary accommodation for $168,000 (GHC800,000.

Frankly speaking, Nana Akufo Addo has no right to demolish state buildings, the fact that his promise between him and God has nothing to do with Ghanaians, to become a national burden.

He should have acquired land on his own to be responsible for the project, yet this became the country's burden and even went down in history, the president soliciting financial aid from Ghanaians and overseas.

Seriously, if you are a concerned Ghanaian who deeply loves your country, you need to ask the president questions about this senseless demolition.

After five years in power, how many projects Akufo Addo has cut sods to begin, and how many of them have been completed?

I don't hate Akufo Addo but there are many reasons I have failed to give him support. He is a man if you follow, you’ll embarrass yourself. Firstly, he is an opportunist, not a leader, and secondly, he does everything first before thinking.

It’s embarrassing to see how many NPP politicians are involved in serious corruption scandals, yet they are still in his government, while he claims to protect the public’s purse.

Who will respect or trust such a leader if he says he is not corrupt? He deserves to be a comedian.

After five years in power, it is sad to say that the president hasn’t built any project despite the several sods he has cut, meanwhile, he has abandoned all the uncompleted projects by the former government to be choked by weeds. This is ridiculous and still, he is the president of Ghana.


Ghanaians wake up in shock to see the demolition of beautiful bungalows occupied by judges, to give way for the construction of a useless and meaningless Cathedral.

Ghana is now under huge debt and, therefore, the current political and economic crises can’t guarantee that Akufo Addo will be financially sound to create jobs to revamp the economy. The president's bad decisions have become the common people's burden.

In a country, whereby the unemployment rate has increased significantly, with the youth facing an unemployment crisis, what is the significance of building a Cathedral?

Ghana doesn't need any useless Cathedral and the judges' bungalows have been demolished for nothing, Who is responsible?

The president in any developed or developing country has to resign or pay for the demolition of state property he couldn't replace after five years in power.

An independent commission should be set up to bring out the cost of the demolished bungalows to the president. He should stop receiving salaries until every pesewa is paid. That is what is called good governance. How long can Ghanaians sit to watch such poor decisions rob their happiness and livelihood?

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