African Leaders Who Think Others Fear Them Abuse Their Power

Feature Article African Leaders Who Think Others Fear Them Abuse Their Power
JAN 14, 2022 LISTEN

Many people, including African leaders, abuse power, as soon as they know the opposition, a person or people fear them.

According to doctors, fear is normal, because we are human beings, unfortunately, that feeling of agitation and anxiety that often runs through the minds of human beings, is what many leaders, especially in third world countries, use to amass wealth, to oppress people, and denial of justice.

Akufo Addo’s swift action, domination, and oppression, against the media, to stop criticizing his bad governance, incompetence, financial frauds, massive corruption, reckless spending, and the lack of accountability, put fear in many people throughout Ghana.

The situation worsened after the assassination of Ahmed Hussein-Suale, a Ghanaian journalist. Akufo Addo capitalizes on fear within Ghana and enjoyed every bit of it to rule the country with nepotism, tribalism, and hate to his detriment today.

Since the president believes that Ghanaians fear him, he manipulates the political system, cheats, and dominates people he hates.

Akufo Addo was successful with his mischievous leadership because he realized that many, especially, the tribal bigots, hate John Mahama and, therefore, never experienced what the tribal links media and the bigots did against Mahama.

The abuse of power, due to fear, exists in many institutions throughout Ghana, including the educational sector.

At school, the senior prefect will continue to bully the young ones, once he knows they fear him. All comes to an end if the non-fearless one puts up a resistance.

Thus, things wouldn’t have been worst in Ghana under such bizarre circumstances, if the people, including the religious communities, journalists, head of churches, etc, had played a role in addressing the issues going bad under the administration of Akufo Addo.

Overcome by feelings of fear, many Ghanaians were confined to permanent silence and the efforts to speak against what is affecting their own country were paralyzed.

I know Ghanaians are intelligent people, even though there are many tribal fools. However, it baffles me a lot when many failed to realize the dangers of appointing family members to manage the offices of the main pillars holding a country, the finance and the judiciary.

Finance is part of the system of state at a higher level. Without the appropriate usage of finance, the country collapses and without an effective judiciary system, crime and corruption increase with impunity.

Akufo Addo purposely appointed his relative Ken Ofori-Atta as the Finance Minister, to cover up corruption and financial frauds, while he appointed another relative, Gloria Akuffo as the Chief Justice, that is to prevent any corrupt NPP politician or family member to go to prison.

How do you expect Ghana to thrive politically and economically under family members committing both judicial and financial crimes with impunity?

If Ghanaians had put fear behind them to challenge Akufo Addo squarely and to let him know his errors, things wouldn’t have been so bad for the country as it is today.

Certainly, I don’t fear Akufo Addo because, in my life in Europe, I have no fear of any European or American politician. Firstly because politicians capitalize on the fear of people by committing more crimes.

They also enjoy the fact that people fear them. I will not give you that impression that I fear you, and above all, don’t forget that every man you see was once a baby.

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