Baby’s hand rot after alleged medical negligence; mother threatens legal action

By Richard Obeng Bediako
Social News Baby’s hand rot after alleged medical negligence; mother threatens legal action
JAN 14, 2022 LISTEN

The mother of a one-year-old baby who’s right hand is rotting off due to alleged medical negligence by a clinician at St. Dominic Hospital in Akwatia in the Denkyembuor District in Eastern Region has vowed to take legal action against the hospital.

The nursing mother Lydia Dagadu, speaking with Kwaku Dawuro on Accra-based Kingdom FM 107.7 said a poorly inserted cannula by a clinician at the hospital led to swelling of the hand of the baby.

“They are twins. The elder twin is the one they have damaged the hand. I went to the hospital with the baby on November 31, 2021, and on December 4, 2021, a doctor by the name Dr. Abu was trying to set the line for the cannula but was struggling to get the vein so he asked for help from another doctor. The next day my baby’s hand was swollen.

"When I started complaining they came to take away the cannula. They further conducted a scan and told me the hand of the boy was damaged, that they need to cut off the damaged hand which I opposed. I insisted they explain to me what caused it but they refused. We will take legal action against the Hospital for damaging my son hand,” she stated.

Meanwhile the lawyer for St. Dominic Hospital lawyer Micheal Numetovor Junior denied the alleged medical negligence.

He indicated that the hospital did all it could for the child but blamed the injury of the baby hand on a herbalist man they sent the baby to.

“The hospital has not done a medical negligence so they can go to anywhere they want to go we will meet them,” the lawyer stated.

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