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My Two Cents: Political Party Funding in Ghana Not Needed

My Two Cents: Political Party Funding in Ghana Not Needed
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If holding public office means serving the people of Ghana at large, why would I want to “pay” several politicians with my tax money, just because they have a party? This is the basic question that I ask all those who think it is appropriate to have government finance political parties.

This viewpoint takes into account that a value, which is considered to be an “art”, required by anyone attempting to govern the nation should be his or her ability to be resourceful. As such, if one finds it difficult to get people within the system or even outside, to buy into their political philosophy, thus the lack of supporting funds, why should taxpayer’s money be directed to this process?

It makes no sense. Being resourceful involves creativity, ingenuity, humility and a well thought out, well managed system, contacts, selling your ideas, which taps into skills very much needed in running a country.

I am not sure that every party being on equal financial footing is a perquisite for good democratic dispersion. Basically each party has a philosophy. This philosophy, in a business sense creates the brand with which the masses identify with. As such if your brand is not appealing, you need to go and examine the value of the brand and reformulate and re-launch the brand in a manner that is consistent with market needs and will be acceptable to the general populace.

This is the basic challenge for all these parties seeking to get public funding. Get creative, refine your message, and really get down into the pits to sell your ideals and prove to the Ghanaians that you are worth their time, money and votes. Please do not forget you are to serve not impose yourself on the masses.

It is absurd to demand that as a taxpayer, my funds be spent on parties who cannot even organize their affairs. Let us not even get into the complicated issue of campaign financing. As a nation we are overstretched.

If the party folks feel they need to be heard so much, and that their contribution is so necessary for democracy, they can do so as concerned citizens or NGO’s, but as a party, you prove your mettle right from the get go, with your resourcefulness in sourcing funding and other relevant resources. After all the competitiveness of our world today, requires people with scope and insight, with respect to how to compete for the limited resources going around.

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