07.01.2022 Feature Article

Evangelism V. Discipleship

Evangelism V. Discipleship
07.01.2022 LISTEN

The person who says that I will win them to Christ and you disciple them does not understand spiritual gifts. Every Christian is to engage in evangelism. However, not every Christian is an evangelist. There is a spiritual gift of an evangelist (Eph 4:11-13). Discipleship on the other hand is not a spiritual gift. Every believer in Christ is expected to be involved in discipleship. The word disciple means a learner (pupil). Therefore, it is up to church leaders to teach the congregation that while evangelism and discipleship are not mutually exclusive they should walk side by side. Many people who said that they used to be Christians but are now involved in cults or non-Christians movements today were people who initially embraced evangelism or were led by others but were not discipled. Evangelism is the initial event in a person's life but discipleship is a process.

There should not be a false dichotomy between truth and love. Truth and love should walk side by side. You cannot teach the truth without love. You cannot love completely without truth. Therefore, we should maintain a balance between truth and love. I saw a video clip that disturbed me. This pastor was teaching on love and a member’s phone continued to ring. The teacher or pastor could not control himself. Therefore, he walked to the person, took the phone, and broke it. I was taken aback for his response. How can you teach love while you lose your temper at the same time? That was a contradiction right there.