Why is Management Silent about accommodation brouhaha?

By Concerned UG students
Opinion Why is Management Silent about accommodation brouhaha?
JAN 6, 2022 LISTEN

These are not the times for arm-chair leadership. There's little or no place for bosses who just sit and point to vision. These are certainly days of leadership of action and transformation. Must it always be a ritual whereby students have to battle with jammed servers for bed space?

It was on Wednesday, January 5,2022 where level 200 students of the premiere University of Ghana embarked on a war to struggle for the 20% accommodation that management said they've given to them. The question that many are asking is " Did the University upload already booked Halls?

But the question is, was 20% accommodation given to Level 200s? if Yes! Then why are many crying, parents crying and students also crying.

The stipulated time was 9am, but when it was time, and this appeared on the site "EXPIRED" what really happened, when the site came back, all rooms were full, some traditional halls were even not available. Upon enquires, the many students that gathered at University of Ghana Computerized System (UGCS), the students that got hall from there were not up to 10, students who converged at Balme Library just a student got a hall, also many students gathered at Internet Cafés around the nation, and information reaching us shows that, if there are 10 students in one café it's just one students that got a hall maximum 2 students and even some none got it.

Students are worried, thinking about how to get a place of abode to enhance their studies, emotional effects and many things hunting students now. Talking about that student from Upper East, Upper West, Savannah, Volta, Central, Western and many more from far places away from school who didn't get halls, what is going to happen to them.

Parents are extremely worried, school is resuming next week and their children don't have a place to sleep.

See how hostels prices have inflated, these hostel managers don't care, whether students can afford Gh¢2500 per semester, 5000gh per year. And when you try to bargain, all they say is, "Serious one will buy it so get away" 😭😭😭.

nsatia nyinaa ny3 p3 they say in the Akan Language meaning we're all not equal. Do these hostel managers think that single mother with 5 or 6 children, or that widow who have got no help and many people who struggle for themselves hawking on the street to gather money for their fees be able to get such an amount in a very short period.

Why is management not talking about this, all they tell us is our halls were temporal because of Covid-19 as if we the L200s are the cause of this virus and putting all the burden on us. Ama Atta Aidoo a poet wrote her book with the title, "No Sweetness Here", indeed there's no sweetness on campus now.

Why is management telling students they don't guarantee students accommodation, it's very sad? How can you admit a student and tell him/her you don't guarantee their accommodation?

Now questions to management are:

  1. Why is Management refusing to give lands to investors to build hostels?
  2. Why have they also refused to allow the Vandal Alumni to build their Annex?
  3. Were the 20% rooms issued on the residential portal or it was just a camouflage?

By: Concerned UG students.

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