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Ritual Killings Everywhere

Ritual Killings Everywhere
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My God! What is this world turning into? Three 16-year-old boys have just been arrested in Sagbama, Bayelsa State by the police for attempting killing a 14-year old girl for rituals. The suspects – Emomotimi Magbisa, Perebi Aweke and Eke Prince were nabbed as they were in the process of sacrifice their victim Miss Endeley Comfort. They hypnotized the girl to the apartment of one of them and had cut her fingers sprinkling the blood on a mirror before they were caught. 15-year-old boys? I still find it hard to believe this. Is this generation totally lost? From where did they learn this? What are they doing with blood and sacrifice at this age? Who taught them? Did they learn this from the womb? We will come back to all these. But this is just one of the strange stories we read daily. We read reports of people being caught with fresh human heads and other body parts. Decapitated bodies, especially of young ladies, children, and babies found on the streets and bushes, their vital and sexually organs carefully removed. Young women become ‘damaged’, unconscious or dead after sleeping or being dropped off by clients and yahoo boys in their flashy cars - some vomiting blood, discharging strange things, suddenly dump or manifesting strangely. Some of these victims are drugged, charmed, raped or gang raped for sacrifice and are left to go home and die or be permanently ‘damaged’. Or don’t you hear people killed in their hotels rooms every day. So much evil is currently going on in the land and most in the name of satanic sacrifices for quick wealth, fame and power.

Just recently a man drowned his 7-year-old son and buried his body by the river as a sacrifice for money ritual that went bad. After the first dip, the little boy was crying and calling his daddy, but thy man went ahead and gave him the finally dip of death. The suspect and the evil Olumba priest are currently in custody. Recently, within a month, corpses of mutilated young ladies were found at same estate somewhere in Ikeja. I don’t want to talk about the unbelievable atrocities constantly oozing out from places like Osun, Asaba, Abuja, Kaduna, Ondo and others. For example, in Osun, it has become a constant. Hardly, a week passes without such terrifying news. As I write this article, I received anews alert that a middle-aged man has caught with human parts at Igege town in Olaoluwa South East Local Council Development Authority of Osun State. The suspected ritualist was arrested by men of Amotekun corps after being notified by a resident. In fact, it now looks like a daily occurrence in these places. And these are the reported ones. Most go unnoticed, uncaught. You remember the young men who butchered and dismembered a lady in June last year. The prime suspect, a 39-year-old, was arrested his house at Apomu town, Isokan Local Government Area. They killed the girl and removed her vital organs. She was a girl friend to one of them. They strangled the girl during sexual intercourse and harvested her body organs. Now, did you notice something here? They needed to kill her while having sexual intercourse for the sacrifice to be effective. Satan is indeed dirty and wicked. Be careful of the friends you keep. Be careful of where you go. And don’t live a loose life. You may pay with your life like this young girl if you ignore this advice. People, friends and even relations, yes relations are hunting for blood and body part for money rituals. It is a mad, demonic rush for wealth. Be careful and prayerful! Don’t trust anybody these days. That closest neighbor, friend or relation could be into ritual. You never can tell. I pray you don’t find out too late. Or have you not heard of people using their spouses, parents and even kids for rituals?

You also remember the much publicized incident in the same Osun; where a mother and her son were arrested by the police for the murder of a final year Theatre Arts student of Lagos State University (LASU), Miss Favour Daley-Oladele. The mother, Mrs Adeeko and her son, Owolabi Adeeko, lured Favour (his girl friend) from Lagos State to Osun State, where she was murdered and her body parts were harvested. He took the lady to a satanic priest that called himself a pastor in a white garment church in Ikoyi-Ile, Osun State. Just listen to the suspects confession to the police, “while the girl was sleeping, the pastor gave me a pestle with which I used to smashed Favour’s head and the pastor quickly used a knife to cut off her neck, ripped open her chest and removed her heart which he used in preparing a concoction for me and my mother to eat.” My God! Are these human beings? All in the quest for money? Any person that loves money is sure the most dangerous being in the universe. And we were rightly told that the love of money is that root of all evil. They betrayed, murdered and ate her friend’s meat just for money. We can go on and on. Be careful! Be careful where you go, worship or seek for spiritual help. Some are priests and places of Satan in sheep’s name and clothing. Young girls stop hopping into cars, parties and beds. Be careful because the days are indeed frightening. The heart of the present generation is now continually, desperately evil and wicked. Things, people are not exactly what they say or look like. Most people are killed by those they trusted.

.. I personally know a very young beautiful girl who was murdered and dumped in Abuja. Quest for quick, overnight wealth! You know Revelation 2:13 said, “ I know where you live, where the throne of Satan sits [throne]. ..” Some places are now looking like the Seat of Satan because of the intensity and frequency of these demonic activities. I hope you know that dangerous idols will always demand for dangerous sacrifices. Some of these places have clusters of inherited and imported demonic, blood-thirsty gods, entities, satanic priests that constantly demand for these human sacrifices and this simply explains what we are seeing today. Some groups you call clubs, cultural and traditional associations and institutions, worship places, political associates and parties, committee of friends, close associates, business associates are actually occult groups; where Satan is worshipped. True. We need total repentance. The blood of these victims are crying against our land and this explains the spiritual, economic and the political confusion you are seeing everywhere around us today. Blood will also make demands and it is always generational. This land needs urgent and complete cleansing from curses that came from avarice, inordinate and satanic ambition and competition. The blood is speaking against us.

What of that heartless undergraduate that killed and dismembered the young girl in Port Harcourt. He carefully removed the victim’s private parts, fingers, tongue, nose, eyes, face skin, etc. He was arrested when he went dump the remains at the refuse dump. And shockingly such high-risk suspect still managed to escape from custody. But thank God he was later rearrested to face trial. As I write this I also remember the evil courier in the Otokoto saga - the guy that was caught with the fresh head of the innocent little boy that was hawking to eke a living for his poor family. The suspect died mysteriously in custody while being investigated. Was he poisoned so that he will not name the high and the mighty in the blood-drink cult? Sometimes, these evil butchers and couriers may not be the real end users of the items and blood, but their masters, priests and sponsors. And these very rich and influential people will always do everything to ‘destroy’ the case so that they will not be implicated. True. After all, who are the patrons of all these cults that have invaded our land? Arrest any of the today and tomorrow you will see him back. Most of the evil you see in the land has a link to the top.

Today, there is a menace of young men and women competing in committing atrocities to make money by all means. They are called the Yahoo Plus. That is using charms and human sacrifices for money rituals. These are young people who are consumed with the demonic ambition to become rich over night. They engage in all manner of demonic activities to achieve this. They are ready to do everything, anything to achieve their aim. They are always willing to remove any obstacle on their way. One recently lured his own mother to his house, plug off her eyes and was about butchering her when the woman miraculously escaped out of the place shouting and people came to her rescue. Just as I write this, the police in Edo state are looking for a suspected ritualist, known as Osa. He allegedly killed his girlfriend, Elohor Oniorosa, for money ritual. He invited the deceased to his family house, where he reportedly slaughtered her. May God help us. And now that the general election is coming, you will see a spike in these unholy activities. You will see more people will start missing; more decapitated bodies will litter the streets, bushes and hotel rooms. This is shameful and very unfortunate. We must stop all this madness and learn how to work hard and be patient for our efforts to be rewarded by success. All these atrocities and rituals will only bring pain, regrets, curses and destruction and the end. Remember that what a man sows that he must reap.

Rev Gabriel Agbo is of the Assemblies of God, Nigeria and the author of the books / audiobooks: Power of Midnight Prayer, Receive Your Healing, Breaking Generational Curses: Claiming Your Freedom, Never Again!, I Shall Not Die, Move Forward, Power of Sacrifice and many others. (All in major languages of the world). Tel: +234-8037113283 Facebook: Pastor Gabriel Agbo E-mail: [email protected] Website Twitter: pastorgabagbo