11.11.2003 Feature Article

Things That Makes You Go Hmmmmmm (II)

Things That Makes You Go Hmmmmmm (II)
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Ghana-USA non-surrender agreement: Why are Ghanaians crying that the Government sold our sovereignty to the USA for a merge $4 million. Fellow countrymen, our dear country was sold to the USA on 24 February 1966. Since then we've been getting peanuts like: HIPC, IMF, IFC, GPRS, etc It’s hypocrisy like this that makes President Bush go hmmmmmm There are concerns by MP’s that they may not be able to repay their 20,000-dollar car loans. Whoever thought in 2001 that, our MPs could pay a $20,000 loan, in 4 years, on a $300-month salary needs professional help. It’s loans like this that makes the IFC (the fake one) go hmmmmmm Roads Minister, Richard Anane marred a parliamentary debate last week with a snide remark about “half-blooded Ghanaians” in an attempt to take a swipe at Jerry Rawlings and Michael Soussoudis. What Anane did not realize was that he was equally referring to his compatriots Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey and Hannah Tetteh-Kpodar who both have one parent being originally non-Ghanaian…. It’s remarks like this that make tribalist go hmmmmmm While surfing Ghanaweb I came across this information on the sons of our president Agyekum Kufuor: is a Graduate of Dillard University in New Orleans USA, he holds a BS in Computer Science Owusu Afriyie Kufuor: Graduate of Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA; Now works for Price Waterhouse President Kufuor pleaded with Ghanaians abroad to come home and help build the nation, while his kids are still abroad enjoying the “abrokyir” breeze. If he, with his so called “best ever Govt in Ghana” can’t convince his children to go home and enjoy the fruits of his “astonishing” labor, why should we? It’s requests like this that makes “burgers” go hmmmmmm Looks like these days, every school, toilet, market etc built are done with HIPC funds. Even self-help projects by the inhabitants themselves have been commissioned by state officials and labeled as HIPC. It’s spin like this that makes Hungry Insulted Poor Children (HIPC) go hmmmmmm Contrary to the widely held notion that the ex-minister for Youth and Sports, Mallam Yusif Issa, was prosecuted and subsequently jailed based on a publication by The Dispatch newspaper, the presidential spokesman, Mr. Kwabena Agyepong, said the ex-minister was tried based on a report he (Mallam Issa) made to the police on his arrival from the Sudan. It’s lies like this that make Baghdad Bob go hmmmmmm The headline read: President Kufuor To Be Relocated Believe me, I thought the President has finally made good on his many traveling abroad and was relocating abroad upon reading the heading, after all that's what it seems. It’s headlines like this that makes tabloid papers go hmmmmmm Six Hundred Communities To Get Electricity By June 2004 - Nduom Doctors in rural areas to be paid allowance from next year The lingering question, as it is so often with NPP government, is how quickly and fully the promises will translate into action. It’s promises like this that makes the electorate go hmmmmmm Minister of finance, Osarfo Marfo, claims workers’ agitation for more wages is one impediment that poses great danger to our economic resurgence. What was Osafo-Marfo thinking when he signed off on the $15,000 "chop money" for the Speaker, engineered the per diem increases for the president and his team of "world tourists", gave out $20,000 car loan to his fellow parliamentarians, signed of million of dollars to buy cars for ministers and even for the renovation to Busia's residence. It’s ministers like this that makes the workers go hmmmmmm Mr Freddie Blay, First Deputy Speaker of Parliament on Friday noted that Africans have lost faith in the leadership of their countries because they have failed to perform well. It’s comments like this that makes President Kufuor go hmmmmmm Economy is on track –Osafo Maafo We are on track In Iraq – Bush It’s optimism like this that makes we all go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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