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Looking For A New FA Boss

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The next few weeks will certainly witness an electrifying campaign atmosphere in the steamy race for the GFA Chairman’s job.

Although seen by many as a landmine that has often left many of its occupants decapitated at the end of the day, the GFA chairman’s seat is a job coveted by many because of the fame and clout it bestows on the office holder.

In the light of how the fortunes of Ghana football have plummeted over the years, it is understandable that Ghanaians are closely watching how things are going to shape up in the coming days.

With names like Oheneba Charles, Kojo Bonsu, Rex Danquah, Kofi Amoah Herbert Mensah and Kojo Quarshie (he is reported to have withdrawn from the race), there is an impressive array from which to choose Ben Koufie’s replacement.

But in view of heightened agitation among football fans lately for Ghana’s game to be pulled in a more positive direction, it is imperative that certain factors inform the selection of the next boss of Ghana football.

Ghana football is at the cross roads, so it is very significant that nothing is left to chance in the crucial decision of choosing the next FA boss. As has already been noted, the contestants for the job appear very impressive by way of credentials. But we need to look beyond that.

All kinds of lobbying may go on in the corridors of power by people who are well-connected to get nominated for the job. Such ;people may primarily be in the glory of the office. However, the important qualities we have to look out for are independent-mindedness, transparency, vision, and business-mindedness.

But most important of all, the person must have a wealth of experience behind him so as to be able to take Ghana football to new and great heights. At least the person must be someone who has been involved in football administration at both club and national level for sometime.

I have heard some people argue that we should do away with all old faces and look for new ones. In other words the old order must give way to the new. Maybe there is some truth in that, maybe not.

If we go along with that school of thought, the danger we maybe courting is that we are going to play another round of lucky dip with the fortunes of our game.

That is the danger we have to avoid at all costs, or else we will end up saddling ourselves with a big liability. Many people believe Mr Ben Koufie couldn’t deliver because he had been away for so long and so wasn’t conversant with the terrain. If even there is a shred of truth in that then it behoves us to tread cautiously this time round.

Maybe the high profile leadership provided by Nana Sam Brew-Butler and Alhaji M.N.D. Jawula not too long ago is what we need after the exit of the Ben Koufie FA to restore hope for our football.

But that desire should not blind us to fall for persons who will promise they will deliver the moon but will in the end plunge our football into worst troubles because of self-interest or inexperience in football administration.

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