19.10.2003 Feature Article

President Kufuor Was Drunk - Stop The Spin!

President Kufuor Was Drunk - Stop The Spin!
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President Kufuor is human. Consequently, his inability to honor an invitation to speak on VOA, while attending the 58th session of the UN General assembly in New York, should not be a big issue. It could have happened to anybody. Having said that, what happened after his refusal (or inability) to show up is pathetic and makes me believe the government is hiding something from the people. SEQUENCE OF EVENTS 1. President Kufuor fails to honor an invitation to speak on VOA, while attending the 58th session of the UN General assembly in New York. My reaction: No big deal! 2. The host of the programme, Mr. Shaka Saley, explains to the world that our president had been caught up in traffic, according to information he had received from the Ghanaian officials. My reaction: President caught in traffic? Strange, but possible in a city like NY. 3. The Western Region Chairman of the NDC, Nana Alex Asamoah gave the Ministry for Foreign Affairs a three-day ultimatum to explain the reason why the President could not attend the VOA interview My reaction: This is mere politics. He has no information and simply out to cause mischief. 4. Presidential spokesman, Mr. Kwabena Agyepong, calls a radio station in Accra from Japan. He claims that before the VOA program, President Kufuor made it known to the host that he had a tall line up of programs that day, and that he would be meeting President Bush of the US, UNDP officials, African Ambassadors in the US, the UN Secretary General after which he hoped to turn up at the “Straight Talk Africa” program on VOA. He stressed that, the President was still in a meeting with the African Ambassadors when the VOA program got underway. My reaction: Sounds logical, but why does this contradict the explanation given by the host of the program. Something fishy must be going on 5. Nana Alex Asamoah hits back: President Kufuor was unable to appear at the studios of the Voice of America (VOA) for a scheduled interview, because he over indulged himself in merry making (= he got drunk) that day which eventually compromised his ability to attend the well-advertised interview. My reaction: This man may be on to something 6. President returns from Tokyo and the Minister for foreign Affairs, Akufo-Addo's give a complete different explanation to what his information minister gave. He said President Kufuor and his entourage were in a meeting with a US delegation in the garment industry to discuss how best they could come to Ghana to invest in the country. My reaction: How can two ministers on the President’s entourage give completely different accounts of what happened that day? And both accounts differ from the VOA’s. FACTS Three different Govt explanations, from a single event, contradicting each other (Exhibit 2, 4, 6)? In a court of law, this will be a serious offence and all three evidence will be thrown out. ONLY One explanation from other (= anti-NPP) source (Exhibit 5) President Kufuor takes alcohol (I’ve personally seen that) Failure of a president of a country to attend a function due to drunkenness is disgraceful. CONCLUSION Our President was drunk (or had a hangover) and thus could not show up and his ministers tried to cover up, but did a VERY poor job. Kudos to Nana Alex Asamoah for informing the people of Ghana Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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