25.12.2021 Poem

A Saving Saviour Is Born

25.12.2021 LISTEN
By Shadrack Oteng

Lord, argument about your birth, I don't subscribe,

It is the reason for your birth I ascribe

It is another year to celebrate your birth

That birth that give unto this wounded world some health,

Your birth came at the appointed time

When the world was swallowed by harm.

Your birth brought libration

To a world that was bathed in frustration

As we celebrate your birth, renew our hope

At a time when the demand and supply curves of our lives don't slope

Lord, let your birth come with a new breakthrough

At a time when the world is strangled under COVID rule.

May the joy that comes with your birth which we day follow

Wash away our global sorrow.

But above all, Lord, remind us why you were born

That forgetfulness may not push us into things that will make our lives torn.

You are a forgiver who by your birth forgave and still forgives.

May this day help us to forgive our grieves.

Lord, you were a gift from above

May your birth inspires us with brotherly love.

Happy birthday to you, our eternal saviour

May your birth right the wrongs of our behaviour.

As your birth did save us

Help that on this day we could also do little for those in the needy Atlas.

Merry Christmas to you all

On you, may a prosperous new year fall.



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