PPP: Merry Christmas To All Ghanaians

Public Messages PPP: Merry Christmas To All Ghanaians
DEC 25, 2021 LISTEN

The PPP wishes all Christians and Ghanaians in general a Merry Christmas as we mark the annual commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ. The celebration of the birth of Christ brings with it great lessons of giving, sacrifice and selflessness as God is the first to give His only begotten Son as our Saviour and Redeemer.

We wish to remind all Christians in particular and Ghanaians in general of the relevance of giving, sacrifice and selflessness especially on the part of public servants including members of the NPP led administration.

The current political leaders should use their talents to give back progress and development to the people and save us from the economic hardships experienced in 2021. They should provide job opportunities that brings productivity and hope for Ghanaians and not more taxes, poverty and joblessness among the youth. We need salvation in 2022, from corruption, incompetence and mismanagement.

The PPP wishes to remind the NPP government that we need development at the grassroots and this can be done speedily if we allow for the election of MMDCEs. The government should seek to amend the constitution and allow for the election of MMDCEs without seeking to make it partisan for now.

We urge government to recruit the teaming unemployed youth to go round, register and tax all informal professionals instead of seeking to rather impose e levy to burden those who seek to use Mobile Money to transact. We need a widened tax net and not double taxation.

Revenue of GHC 7 Billion from E Levy will be useless if we are not able to stope revenue leakage of GHC 14 Billion as stated by the 2021 Auditor Generals Report.

We urge Ghanaians to be hopeful, that the birth of Christ will give us Salvation and eternity.

We should remain wide Awake!

Remy P.K. Edmondson (National Secretary)

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