Digital Marketing Skills can Reduce Unemployment Rate, T-hub says

By Jibril Mohamed Ahmed
Somalia Aiderus Abdullahi, CEO of T-hub speaking at workshop in Garoowe, Somalia
DEC 21, 2021 LISTEN
Aiderus Abdullahi, CEO of T-hub speaking at workshop in Garoowe, Somalia

Digital marketing workshop was held in Somalia to assist a portion of the unemployed Somali youths to acquire relevant digital skills to help their transition into gainful employment and further increase their income earning potential.

Mr Aiderus Abdullahi, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of T-Hub, a non-profit Information Technology (IT) organisation based in Somalia says digital marketing has the potential to reduce unemployment rate in the country.

While speaking at digital marketing skills workshop event at T-hub, Mr Aiderus said that digital marketing skills were now in high demand in the market, recalling recent workshops implemented by T-hub helped participants delve into such area for career options.

About 100 participants benefitted from the workshop where they were able to gain knowledge on the best practices of building an online presence, creating captivating written and visual content to help businesses stand out, including generating leads and learning techniques to effectively communicate with their target audience and the general public.

The training faciltator, T-hub Innovation center, which is known for delivering free workshops that provide unemployed youth with skills required by the job market has noted that asides getting jobs, the skills would increase the efficiency of those trained in it in the delivery of work and scope in the social media space.

The organization has trained hundreds of unemployed youth to develop skills in digital marketing such as Graphics, Content creation, E-mail marketing and digital strategy by creating a platform for practical work experience in the field.