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Pursha- Prajapathy’s Birth and His Creation of Universe!

By Francis Xavier India
Pursha- Prajapathys Birth and His Creation of Universe!
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A. Prajapthy’s birth was famous as the first born Purushan, property. Rigveda Samhita’s 10th part 121 sukta is a wonderful collection of beliefs and praises of Prajapthy. In these 10 parts, please pay attention to the 10 mantras

1. Birth of Prajapthy

“Hiranya Garbha: Samavarthathaagree

Bhothasyajaatha: Pathireaka Aaseith

Sadaadhaaraprudivim Dyaamutheamam

Kasmai Devaaya Havishaa Vidheamaa”

(Rigveda Samhita 10:121:1)

Meaning: - He was born as God’s only son, first born, as light from the light, born before the creation of Universe and conceived by the Pavithratma (Holy Spirit) and as light from light. Soon after his birth he was anointed as the authorized one of whole Universe. Not only as the authorized one but also became the protector of all the visible and non-visible habitant of sky and earth. Like this, the son got the name as Prajapathy. We believe and praise only Prajapathy (Kasmai Devaaya) who does only well to others.

2. Glory of Prajapthy

“Ya Aatmadaa Baladaa Yasya Vishwa

Upaasathea Prasisham Yasya Deva

Yasyachaayaamyratham Yasya Mrthu

Kasmai Devaaya Havishaa Vidheamaa” (2)

Meaning: - Who is the provider of Spirit of Holy (Holy spirit), who is strengthening in that holiness, whose command is obeyed by all the living creatures, whose instruction are heeded by the Devas, who resurrected from the death and give victory over death, who has the authority to give the punishment of death, we praise and worship that god’s name

Prajapathy = Kasmai Devaaya.

“Ya: Praanatho Nimishatho Mahithvay

Ka Indrajaa Jagatho Babhuva

Ya Eeshea Asya Diwpadaschatushpada:

Kasmai Devaaya Havishaa Vidheamaa” (3)

Meaning: - Who has the authority of all creatures that can breathe and blink their eyes, all the two legged and four legged creatures and all the living beings and even human being. We praise and worship that Prajapathy (Kasmai Devaaya)

“Yasyeamea Himavando Mahithvaa

Yasya Samudram Rasayaa Sahaahu:

Yasyeamaa Pradisho yasya Baahu

Kasmai Devaaya Havishaa Vidheamaa” (4)

Meaning: - For whom the glory of the snow covered mountains, hills and high ranges belong. Under whose authority are the directions of east and whom the sea and river sing song of praise? We worship that Prajapathy. (Kasmai Devaaya)

“Yeana Dyavrugraa Prudiveecha Drulhaa

Yeana Svasthabhitham Yeana Naaka

Yo Andhareekshea Rajaso Vimaana

Kasmai Devaaya Havisha Vidheamaa” (5)

Meaning: - Who spread the wonderful sky in infinity and who fixed the earth in the correct position, who created Heaven and fixed sun in the sky and who created water in the atmosphere we worship that Prajapathy (Kasmai Devaaya)

3. Prajapthiy’s Relationship with his creations

“Yam krandhasee Avasaa Thasthabhaanea

Abayekshathaam Manasaa Reajamaanea

Yatharadhisura Uditho Nibhaathi

Kasmai Devaaya Havishaa Vidheamaa” (6)

Meaning: - When the bright sky and self-sufficient earth cry in distrust, in whom we seek our salvation through our intelligence. Who comes and shines as the rising sun of salvation, we worship that Prajapathy (Kasmai Devaaya)

“Aapo Hayath Bruhatheer Vishwamaayan

Garbham Dadhanaa: Janayandheeragneem

Thatho Devaanaam Samavartthathaasureka

Kasmai devaaya, Havishaa Vidheamaa” (7)

Meaning: - In which reason, the big and glorious sky and its colour, earth and its inhabitant, the Prajapathy in existence came from darkness to light, for the same reason we worship the Prajapathy, to whom the authority was given to protect the entire Universe and its creations. We worship that Prajapathy (Kasmai Devaya)

4. Worshipped God

“Yaschedapo Mahinaa Parayapasyath

Daskham Dadhaanaa Janayandhiryajam

Yo Deveashavdhideva Eaka Aaseeth

Kasmai Devaaya Havishaa Vidheamaa” (8)

Meaning: - Which Prajapathy, he himself being the inspiration for the worship, which presumes as the life of every creature in the Universe, we worship that Prajapathy. (Kasmai Devaaya)

5. Protection Giving God

“Maanoo Himseejjanithaaya: Prudhivya

Yoovaa Divam Sathyadarmmaa Jjaana

Yaschaapaschandraa: Bruhatheer Jjaana

Kasmai Devaaya Havishaa Vidheamaa” (9)

Meaning: - Who is the creator of this earth, who protects this Universe, who has provided all the things as per the requirement of living creature in earth and heaven? May the loving Prajapathy not punish us (May protect us). We humbly worship that Prajapathy. (Kasmai Devaaya)

6. Vision and commitment

“Prajapathea Na Thwadeathaanyanyo

Vishwa Jaathaani Parithaabhabhoova

Yathkaamaastheajughumasthanno Asthu

Vayam Shyaama Pathayo Rayeenaam” (10)

Meaning: - “O Prajapathy, no one indeed, other than thyself encompassed all those created things with whatever desire we sacrifice to thee; let that be ours, may we be Lord of treasures”

This first born’s birth, his glory, his responsibilities, his relationship with his creations, Nityaraksha is the gift given by him to his believers. Rigveda Samhita’s famous Prajapathy sukta’s 121st sukta contains the belief; sacrifice needed to receive this gift. First born, Prajapathy is worshipped here Prajapathy sukta’s whole aim is to make understand that only Prajapathy must be worshipped and that only one God is to be worshipped by all. Prajapathy sukta says there is only one God worshipped by the entire ‘Universe’. The same was the doctrine of the Aryamaharishies. There is nobody to be worshipped other than the first-born the mediator. The other names of God are only the pronounse but it gives the evidence that the father and son is the same.

7. The Vishvakarma (The Creator)

(See whole of sookta 81 and 92) in Rg. Mandalaa 10; Created all things, Rg. Makes (burnt-offering) of himself, Rg. 10.82.1, 6, 7

8. “Aathmaa Vaa Edameebka Aevaagra Aeseeth” (Ithareya Up 1:1:1)

Meaning: - Before the creation of Universe; God was in the form of Spirit. That God was believed to be the truthful Pavitratmav (Holy Spirit). The Vedic scholars clearly state that from this Pavitratmav a Son will be born before the creation of Universe.

9. “Thasmaad Viraadajaayatha Viraahjoo Adipurusha” (Rigvader 10:90:5)

Meaning: - As the beginning of creation the Virad- Purushan was born from the truthful Paramathmav.

10. “Vividhaani Vasthuni Athra Rajandee Eithi Viraad”

Meaning: - By him was created many things and brought to light that is why he is called Virad

11. “Sa: Eakshatheamea Lokaa: Lokapaalaannusawjaa

Ethi so Bbya: Eaava Purusham Samuddrthya Amoorchhayath” (Ithareya Up 1:1:3)

Meaning: - Connecting to the creations, Pursha was given birth as the first born and appointed as the protector of the Universe

To become the first in everything, he has born as the beginning of everything (Colossians: 1:18) He has born as light from the light (Genses: 1:3)

12. “Ahamasme Pradamajaa Rithayapurvvm Deaveabhya:

Amruthasya Naabhaaye” (Thaitharopanishad 3:10:6)

Meaning: - I am the first born of all creations; I was there before the Devas. I am the center of eternity. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the end (Revelation 22:13) He himself is before all things, and in him all things hold together (Colossians 1:17)

13. “Easho Ha Deva: Pradiso/ Nusarvvaa

Poorvvo Ha Jaatha: Sa U Garbhe Andha

Sa Eava Jaatha: Sa: Janishyamaanna

Prathyagajanaasthishittathi Sarvvathoa Muga:”

(Yajurvada 32:4)

Meaning: - The first born God is present always and everywhere. The one who was seated, who is seated and who is to come is the same God. His kingdom is stretched everywhere. He is same God who stays in each and every ones heart.

a) He was destined before the foundation of the world. (1 Peter 1: 20)

b) The lamb which was slaughtered before the foundation of the world. (Revelation 13: 8)

c) Amen, who was the origin of God’s creation. (Revelation 3:14)

14. Sa: Jaathamaathra Eava Boothasya Eaka: Pathi Aaseeth. (Rigveda 10:121:1)

Meaning: - He was anointed as the authority of all the creation by the birth itself.

15. Na Sadaaseeth Na Asadaaseeth. (Rigveda 10:129:1)

Meaning: - There was no truth and untruth

16. Naraathrya Ahna: Aaseeth Praketha. (Rigveda 10:129:4)

Meaning: - As there was no sky and Universe there was also no knowledge about time period change.

17. Thirascheeno Vithatho Rasmiresha. (Rigveda 10:129:5)

Meaning: - Sky and other things were created; light spread in the world within seconds. It means that this light engulfed darkness and the Universe was made visible. (Rigveda 10:129:5)

a) And God said: Let there be light, and there was light.

b) Then God said: Let there be light and there was light. And God separated the light from the darkness.

c) The earth which was formless, void and covered with darkness was now visible. (Genesis 1:3, 4)

d) He spoke, and it came to be, he commanded, and it stood firm (Psalm 33:9)

e) He is the image of the invisible God, the first born of all creation, for in him all things in heaven and on earth was created, things visible and invisible. (Colossians 1:15-17)

18. “Amruthathwaosya Eesaana Anneana Athirohathi” (Rigveda 10:90:2)

Meaning: - “He is the Lord or Distributor of immortality because he becomes the visible world in order that living beings may obtain the fruits of their actions and gain moksha or final salvationtion from their bonds”. (Translated by Sayanacharya)

19. This Prajapathy is praised and written as “the Almighty God” hath a power of a thousand heads, a thousand eyes, and a thousand feet, written in brief about Prajapathy in his book Niruktam as below.

a) “Prajapathy is the protector or supporter of creatures” (Niruktam 10:42)

b) In the beginning when God created the heaven and earth, the earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep, while a wind from God “Spirit of God” swept over the face of the waters. (Genesis 1: 1, 2)

20. The earth was without form and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. (Rigveda 10:129:1.7)

a) Then God said, “Let there be light” and there was light, and God separated the light from the darkness. (Genesis 1:3, 4)

21. “Prajaapthee Na Thwadeathaanyenyo

Vishvaa Roopaanni Parethaa Babhuva

Pithaa Saavasya Pithaa Vayam Syaamapithayoo

Rayeenaam Svaahaa

Rudrayatthea Krive Param Naama

Thasmin Huthamasyameashtasi Svaahaa”

(Yajurveda Vajasaneya samhita 10:20)

Meaning: - O God, Thou only comprehendest all these created forms and none beside Thee! Give us our hearts desire, when we invoke Thee, Just as Thou art the Lord of that invisible world, and this visible world, so, may we be righteous Lord of rich possessions. O God! The Tormentor of the wicked, thy remembrance relieves us of miseries. For that we worship Thee. We worship Thee at home in truthful words. (Translation by. “Pandit Devichand” Ex. President All India Dayananda Salvation Mission)

a) By the word of the Lord the heavens were made, and all their host by the breath of his mouth. He gathered the waters of the sea as in a bottle; he put the deep in storehouse. Let all the earth fear the Lord; let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of him. For He spoke, and it came to be; he commanded and it stood firm. (Psalm 33: 6-9)

22. “Brahmannoo Asya Mughamaaseath

Bhaahu Raajanya: Krutha

Uoru Thadasya Yad Vysya:

Padbhyaam Suudhro Ajaayatha”

(Rigveda Samhita 10:90:12:16)

Meaning: - “The Brahmin was his (Prajapathi) mouth, his arms heroic Prince, his thigh become the Vaishya, from his feet came the Shudra” (Translation by Dr B.R.Kishor)

23. The Vishvakarma (The Creator God)

Viswakarma day denotes the origin of ages. The first Viswakarma was not born by union of female egg and male sperms, not born through female sex organ, not born in the human race, but he is self born. There was no Earth, Water, Light, Air, Sky, Mind, Bhramav, Vishnu, Siva, Sun, Moon and Stars, when he came into self existence. In this state “Viswakarma”was born as helpless and in poor state. (See whole of sookta 81 and 92) in Rg. Mandalaa 10; Created all things, Rg. Makes (burnt-offering) of himself, Rg. 10.82.1, 6, 7

The Creator God said in Gita 34:9: I am the only Lord Almighty; you shall never have faith in nor worship anything other than me.

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