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Arya Munis vision about Purusha-Prajapathy

By Francis Xavier India
Arya Munis vision about Purusha-Prajapathy
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In the 10th book (Mandalam) of the Rigveda, the first one of the four Vedas, there is the mention about a cosmic man. He is born directly from the God and at the appropriate time he is being sent to this earth. His name is Prajapathy. ‘Praja’ means Man and ‘Pathy’ means Saviour. Prajapathy comes to this world and travels around advising the mankind, what is sin, what is not sin, what is right, what is wrong, what is to be done and what is not to be done. To those who keep his sayings, he offers prosperity in this worldly life and salvation on their death. Being the completion of his venture to redeem the mankind from sin he sacrifices himself at the end of his period. In the 90th verse of the 7th chapter (Ashtaka) of the 10th book of the Rigveda the sacrifice of Prajapathy is described as follows: -

The Prajapathy is tightly tied to a Yoopa. His hands and legs are wounded and he bleeds to death. And on the third day he is taken up to Heaven in a resurrection.”

Yoopa –A wooden stump dug in the earth.

2. “Tham Yajnam Bharhishi Proukshan

Purusham Jaathamagratha

Theana Devaa: Ayajadha

Sadhya Rushayaschhayea”

(Rigveda 10:90:7)

Meaning: - Purusha Prajapathy the first born of all creation was sacrificed on the wooden cross.

This vision was the turning point in spiritual sphere. The sacrifice, which offers security to the future of human race, which started since the origin of the world, stopped due to the doubt, lastly ended as an answer due to the doubt, lastly added as an answer to the doubt of about human soul’s salvation.

3. “Anirukthoy Prajapathy Yajamaanoohi Ava svee yajnea Prajapathy”

(Shatptha Br 1:6:1:20)

Meaning: - “Prajapthi is undefined (mysterious) for the sacrificer is Prajapthi at His own sacrifice.”

a) But with the precious blood of Christ, like that of a lamp without defect or blemish. He was destined before the foundation of the world, but was revealed at the end of the ages for your sake. (1Peter 1: 19, 20)

4. All mankind have sinned, having transgressed the law of God. Therefore, they devise various ways and means how to escape the wrath of God, and live. In our own country the Brahmins perform sacrifice, and the non-Brahmins offer animals in the sacrifice. An examination of the Vedas reveals that sacrifice is spoken of as the only means of salvation. “Prathamani Dharmani” “Sacrifices are the foremost of our first duties.”

“Yagnovai Bhuvanasya Nabhih” – Sacrifice is the mainstay of the World”.

“Yagne Sarvam Pratishthitam” – “It is sacrifice that bestows all things.”

“Yagnena Va Deva Divangatah” – “only by means of sacrifice, the Gods attained heaven.”

5. Let us also see what the Bhagavad Gita says:

Slo “Sahayagnah Prajasrushtva Purovacha Prajapatih

Anena Prasavishyadhwam Eshavostvishta Kamadukh – “In the beginning alone, along with the creation of man, God instituted the sacrifice, and told them, May this grant the desires of your heart.”

“Nayam lokostyayagnasyah kutonyah kurusattama” – “Oh noble Kuru, there is no place in this world for him who does not perform even a single one of these sacrifices; how then shall he obtain heaven?”

In this way, the importance of sacrifice is taught.


A. In Vedic Scripture:

Prajapathi God is the sacrifice: Brhd Ar.Up 3.9.6. Shatpatha Br. 14:3:3:7.

Prajapati God is the sacrificer at own sacrifice, Shatpatha Br.

Prajapati God is Agni, Shatpatha Br. and

Prajapati God is great “I AM” Brhd Ar. Up. 1.4.1.

Prajapati God desired to become a sacrificial body inorder to be sacrificed by saints. Brhd. Ar. Up. 1.2.7.

Prajapati donated himself to the gods, Shatptha Br. (ix).

Prajapati created Brahma first of all, Shatpatha Br. 5.8.

Prajapati is the “first-born”, Rg. 10:121:1

Prajapati is the “first-born”, of the cosmic order, Mahanarayana Up. 2.7. (Prajapati Prathmaja Rtasya)


- He is Brahm, the Ultimate Reality; Katha Upanishad 2.2.8.

- Nothing higher than Purusha, Katha Up.1.3.11-

- He is Prajapati and Agni, Shatpatha Br.

- He created all. Rg 10.90.5

- Becomes sacrifice, to be offered by devas, Rg. 10.90.6

- He is the sacrifice, Shatpatha Br.

8. The Vedic Sages expected God to redeem and rescue them:

- Have mercy, forgive; Rg. 7.89.

- Cast all these sins away, Rg. 5.85.7-8.

- Free us from sins, Rg. 7.86.2-7

- Take away from us all sins through sacrifice, Rg. 10.31.1, 6.

- Lead me from death unto eternal life, Brhd. Up. 1. 3. 28.

9. Compare the Vaishnava prayer: “I am a sinner, a doer of sin, a sinful self, born in sin. O God, save me and take away all my sins”.

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