25.09.2003 Feature Article

What a Machiavellian Idea

What a Machiavellian Idea
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Of late, at least two sympathizers of the NPP Administration have come out with the concept of strengthening democracy in Ghana by some bizarre suggestions. Before going to give the details, I would digress a little bit. Who in is his rightful mind, could suggest that to resuscitate Ghana soccer, Asante Kotoko should form an alliance with Accra Great Olympics to cripple the Mighty Accra Hearts of Oak? For the young ones among us, there used to be a friendship pact existing between Asante Kotoko and Olympics in the yore time. The above analogy is what is being suggested by the creative ones among us in Ghana’s embryonic democracy. For yet to be explained reasons, the survival of Ghana’s inchoate democratic experiment, we are told, will be given a fillip when the NPP works hand in gloves with the CPP to ‘snuff the life out’ (with due apologies to Mr. Akwasi Agyemang-Prempeh) of the NDC. I first thought this was a wishful thinking and an aberration. My friend Oheneba O.T. has also added his voice to the call as evidenced in his recent posting entitled ‘The CPP: a party adrift’ Unconfirmed news reporting reaching me also indicates that the NPP has this nefarious plan and its moving heaven and earth to execute it. One does not have to underrate the Busia/Danquah tradition when the issue is such Machiavellian machination. To all lovers of democracy, if the NDC is imperfect, let us call for its reformation and not its weakening. If the CPP is weak, let us find means to strengthen it. Are these ‘wicked plots being hatched’ by the NPP the result of perceived threat from the NDC? One may to not be sure. Kwaku! Azar would like to remind us that the NDC is not moribund and not in coma but totally dead. His brothers in the persons of O.O.T and AA-P by their postings seem to see differently. Is the NDC dead, dying or is it yet to be given the coup de grace? Let democracy, not only survive but thrive and triumph in Ghana, our mother land. People who live in democratic societies are not supposed to settle disagreements by killing one another. Neither are they to suffocate other political parties. The suggestion of ‘killing’ the NDC to me seems to be uncharacteristic of avowed democrats; it is not just a failure of democracy but a destitute of ideas. Though they may not admit it, the calls to subvert the NDC clearly indicate the proponents of such ideas show their fear of the NDC more than their dislike for the CPP. Afraid is the word. Where Do I Belong? Many are those who mistakenly suspect that I am an NDC sympathizer. Kutu’s Acheampong’s coup in 1972 delayed Ghana’s democratic evolution. The PP Administration could not have ruled for more than 12 years uninterrupted with or without Afrifah’s effort. Yet Kutu’s military adventurism gave the army the unprecedented and ample opportunity to exhibit their gross incompetence and greediness. As with every change, there was gain and loss. Ghana lost Ghana dearly. Rawlings first coming (I rationalize) was in order to put an end to the military’s frequent forays into the political arena. I was, therefore, disappointed when Rawlings came for the second time. On hindsight, however, that unparalleled 20-year rule has proved one thing: Rawlings is not an exception. Military rulers are not part of the solution. Whether they come as an Eyadema or a Mobutu or a Rawlings they are failures. Eyadema has not been able to turn Togo into a paradise. Neither did Mobutu achieve that distinction f! or Zaire nor did Rawlings accomplish that for Ghana. The NPP is on the test. The Nkrumaists (as represented by the CPP and the PNP) have had their days in the sun; the Busia/Danquah tradition (as represented by PP and NPP) had and are having the chance to display their wares. The military, (as represented by the NLC, the NRC, the SMC, the AFRC, and PNDC) have successfully proved that they are as bad if not worse than the civilian politicians. Where do we go from here? I know not the answer. Even though the past political upheavals have cost Ghana in an untoward hardship this is the price we have to pay for the experiment called Ghana. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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