24.09.2003 Feature Article

Zero Tolerance For Corruption: Rest In Peace!

Zero Tolerance For Corruption: Rest In Peace!
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Wofa “JAK” Per Diem-father and Head of NPP Family, Regret to announce the tragic death of their political invention Zero Tolerance For Corruption (alias NPP Spin) (January 21 2001 - August 15 2003) which sad event occurred on August 15 2003 Funeral Arrangements are as follows NO WAKE KEEPING. NO WREATHS. NO Tributes Filing Past on Thursday 30th September 2003 Place: Wofa JAK’s private home at the HIPC Junction Time: African Time Suicide Note left by Zero Tolerance (ZT) Below is Zero Tolerance's suicide note. As with all big stars there are conspiracy theories running wild. In ZT's case, the story goes that his brother “Positive Change” had him murdered and the note is not a suicide note. Make of it what you will. To Wofa JAK Per Diem By now, it's over. If you are reading this, my mission is complete.... Your opponents who have ridiculed me, your family members and cronies who have chosen not to accept me and have treated me like I am not worth their time are happy. Surely you will try to blame it on my intimidating name or the way I choose to present myself, but no. Do not hide behind my choices. You need to face the fact that this comes as a result of YOUR CHOICE: Gov't would not act on media accusations This is the “low down” I was born on 21 January 2001. No longer was I christened, than my own father - Wofa JAK, threw me out of his house, when I questioned the rational behind taking C43 million from a farmer to repair his private house. He however, took me back when I dealt diligently with a non-family member who stole $45,000 meant for our soccer team. Wofa JAK was so pleased with me; he mentioned my name “Zero Tolerance” wherever he went. Next, I started dealing with non-family members who had dipped their hands too deep into the family’s cookie Jar for the past 20 years, when Wofa JAK was struggling. Everybody was happy with me, even my enemies. That was when my troubles began. See, my main aim of existence was the ability to visit houses without permission, fear or intimidation. So, I decided to deal with family members like Apraku, Obetsebi-Lamptey, Wereko-Brobbey, Wofa JAK’s brother etc, who started to dip their hands deeper and deeper into the family cookie pot. Wofa JAK did not like my intrusion into family matters and thus changed my job description. I was asked to only visit the houses of non-family members, i.e. NDC members. There is so much work to do. I would have liked to check on the following The formation of Sahara Energy Resources Company Limited by NPP top officials as a conduit pipe for siphoning state funds The importation of 100 cars from Nigeria without parliamentary approval The impropriety of Mrs. Gladys Amah's alleged take over of the sale of empty cocoa sacks at the COCOBOD Apraku's Diversion of GFZB Funds Renovation of the Odorkor residence of Mrs. Naa Morkor Busia at the cost of ¢735,000,000.00 to the taxpayer Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey's assistance to the American Mormons Church to acquire land for their headquarters along the ceremonial road in Accra. Top government officials have been accused of extorting money, by proxy, from the Ghanaian police contingent on United Nations (UN) peacekeeping mission in Kosovo. Some scapegoats were dismissed. Importation of rice by President Kufuor's brother, which he said goes to undermine the production of local rice by Ministry of Food and Agriculture. Miss Elizabeth Ohene, a Minister of State: doling monies out to influence voters in her constituency in a bid to secure the Parliamentary seat in the next elections. Illegal appropriation of ¢150 billion from Castle renovation project headed by Mr. Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey. The Mango Gate Scandal: the minister for Lands and Forestry authorized expenditure of ¢3.2 billion from the fund for the importation of Mango seedlings from Burkina Faso. Contract for supply was awarded to Messrs AGROVETS Ltd. without going through due financial administration regulation procedure. Etc…. Thanks to the media, I got to know about all these case. If Wofa JAK does not intend to act anymore then I think it is time for me to go. Looks like there's one rule for family members and another for the rest of you. Wofa JAK, let my death be on your shoulder until the day you die. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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