18.12.2021 Feature Article

May 2022 Be A Relatively Better Year Than 2021 Has Been Thus Far

May 2022 Be A Relatively Better Year Than 2021 Has Been Thus Far
18.12.2021 LISTEN

As Christmas approaches, my thoughts and prayers, are that in 2022, there will be clarity for Africa's agripreneurial wealth-creaters and job-generators, helping rural Africa to thrive despite the negative impacts of global climate change.

In the new new year, one hopes there will finally be clarity for Africa's agripreneurial wealth-creaters, and job-generators, as to whether or not, COP 26 green investment funds, allocated to Africa, will benefit the continent's value-chain smallholder farmer-stakeholders, to enable them prosper in the midst of global warming, and serial-pandemics - or whether it will be business as usual, and such green investment funds will wind up being hovered up, by canny Western financial intermediaries, to benefit themselves and their wealthy rich-nation investors.

One hopes, above all, that well-intentioned wealthy-nation investors, such as the Banque Edmond de Rothschild Group, will make an effort, in 2022, to find creative ways to enable them deal directly with reputable African agrisector social impact enterprises (such as Ghana's B-BOVID), and their dynamic founders, such as the Issa Ouedragos.

Finally, if you celebrate Christmas, dear reader, one wishes you a Merry Christmas. One prays that Providence will bless and guide the leaderships of the world's governments in 2022, so that they finally see the wisdom of collaborating to provide vaccines for all humans in the era of serial-pandemics. May 2022 a relatively better year, than 2021 has been for humankind, thus far. Cool.

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