How Will History Judge Russia's Putin?

Feature Article How Will History Judge Russia's Putin?
DEC 17, 2021 LISTEN

Like China, Russia is great nation with a long and proud history, which has made many contributions to human civilisation. Sadly, both nations, are now led by classic-little-men, who simply don't understand that their great nations, ought to be on the side of the forces-for-good, in a world desperately in need of unity, in the fight against poverty, ignorance and disease.

It is Russia's (and China's) crucial-contribution, in such global-collaboration for good, which will help make the world a better place for all its human inhabitants and the other living species we share our beleaguered biosphere with.

Far better to help win that existential-battle for a better world, than continue to mentally-enslave its citizens, and embark on a megalomaniac-mission, to terrorise independent nations that used to be in the penuring-orbit, of the former USSR. Pity. History will judge Putin harshly and condemn him for emasculating a dynamic people, Russians, with his brutal and murderous-tyranny. No question.

By Kofi Thompson