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Elijah: a fist and a rainstorm

Elijah: a fist and a rainstorm
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"Finally the seventh time, his servant told him, 'I saw a little cloud about the size of a hand rising from the sea... " 1 Kings 18:44

That your small vision is about to explode and flourish! Divine projects will always start like a little cloud, but will end up a rainstorm! When God wants to do any great thing, it always starts small and if you are not careful, you will be tempted to ignore, despise or even trample it. But we have long been warned not to despise the days of the little beginnings. In fact, Jesus summed it up by telling us about the mustard seed phenomenon in the kingdom, though it is currently the smallest, but it will definitely grow into greatness, tall above others. And not just the growth, it will also serve as a shelter for so many. Now, I have a mandate to tell you that that project in your hands will grow beyond your wildest imagination. Yes, you're starting small, but look at it growing rapidly and overtaking others! Why are you despising this little beginning? Has God done anything big that did not start small? When he wanted to flood the earth with people, he started with just one man - Adam. When he decided to bless the whole world, he called out an Abraham. When he planned to save the whole of mankind, he sent in a little baby that was born in a manger to an unknown carpenter. When it was expedient to save his bruised people from the merciless Egyptian taskmasters, he also sent a new baby born to another unknown family; who was later abandoned to hope on the Nile (the river that is known for some of the most dangerous reptiles and crocodiles). He later became a frustrated fugitive and cattle rarer in a foreign land. But when it was time, the vision spoke and Moses accomplished the dramatic, commando deliverance of the Jews, and also became the greatest prophet ever-lived. The only one that spoke with God face to face.

Today, God is telling you that that project in your hands will grow mightily. You are in for a divine surprise. Yes, it is starting just as a thought, a dream, a sketch, but it will grow and overtake others. This prophecy is for you and that is why you're coming in contact with it today. As long as you believe what you are reading now, these words must surely come to pass in your life. Now, look at our main text at the beginning. When God was to release (restore) rain to Israel after a three and a half year drought, it came through the same principle. The drought came because of Israel's disobedience. They left the true God - God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel and were worshiping idols. Now, after Elijah defeated the false prophets at that decisive battle at Mount Carmel, he immediately announced to King Ahab, "Get thee up, eat and drink: for I hear a sound of abundance of rain." My God! Even when the rain was yet to come, the man of God was already hearing the sound of the heavy rainstorm in the spirit. And this is because the Almighty had spoken to him. What are you hearing in the spirit now? Do you know that the spirit controls the physical? Now, immediately after the declaration, Elijah climbed the top of the mountain, hid his face between his knees and began to pray down the rain. You cannot birth the will of God in your life, in your family, in your business, in your relationship, in your nation without prayer. Prayer is the master key. True!

As he prayed, he sent out his servant to see if the rain was coming and the guy saw nothing. But at the seventh time, the servant reported that he saw a little cloud like a man's hand rising from the sea and Elijah shouted, "That is it!" The rain immediately followed in torrents. It was a great storm! Out of this small beginning, there is going to be a mighty rainstorm! The word of God does not fail. As I write, I'm already hearing this sound of the abundance of that rain coming your way. The release and restoration will be sudden, great, complete and unprecedented. A heavy rainstorm! Share this with others. God bless!

Rev Gabriel Agbo is of the Assemblies of God and the author of the books / audiobooks: Power of Midnight Prayer, Receive Your Healing, Breaking Generational Curses: Claiming Your Freedom, Never Again!, I Shall Not Die, Move Forward, Power of Sacrifice and many others. (All in major languages of the world). Tel: +234-8037113283 Facebook: Pastor Gabriel Agbo E-mail: [email protected] Website Twitter: pastorgabagbo