11.12.2021 Feature Article

Law And Grace

Law And Grace
11.12.2021 LISTEN

Law and Grace confuse many Christians even today. The reason is that many pastors or preachers have not made the distinction clear to Christians. In the Bible, the first five books are called the Mosaic Law, Pentateuch, or the Torah. By definition the Law means, “Instructions.” Then we have the ceremonial laws which include dietary laws etc.

Then we have the Apodictic Law. Apodictic expresses absoluteness. In other words, the Ten Commandments are apodictic laws that the Hebrew people were to observe.

The truth is that God did not give the Laws as a means of salvation. Paul describes this very well in the book of Galatians where he says that the law was given to serve as a school master leading us to Christ (Gal. 3:23-25). When we come to Christ we are not under the supervision of the law but we are justified by faith.

Therefore, we no longer live under the law, but we live by grace through faith in Christ. Christians are still bound by the moral law (including the Ten Commandments).