Prices of food items goes up sharply in Sunyani

Commodity News Prices of food items goes up sharply in Sunyani
DEC 10, 2021 LISTEN

Prices of food items have seen a sharp increase in major markets in the Sunyani Municipality, a Ghana News Agency market survey has revealed.

Patronage of food items remains low in the regional capital, and traders attributed the situation partly to the increase in prices.

“Daily sales have gone down drastically because customers are no longer buying our stuff as they used to because of the price hikes,” Esther Bila, a trader, said.

“We plead with the Government to intervene and introduce price controls to help manage the hikes,” Elizabeth Adam, another trader, indicated.

Many of the traders expressed the optimism that with the onset of the Christmas festivities, their daily sales would pick up.

During a visit to the Sunyani Daily Market, the price of three kilogrammes of local brown rice had shot up from GHC27.00 to GHC30.00, while five kilogrammes of perfumed rice, which used to sell at GHC190.00, was selling at GHC210.00.

Other brands of the same quantity of rice were selling between GHC285.00 and GHC305.00.

A box of big mackerel tin, which used to sell at GHC140.00, is now being sold at between GHC150.00 and GHC155.00 while prices of other brands had jumped from GHC165.00 to GHC185.00.

A box of one-litre cooking oil, previously selling at GHC192.00 is now GHC222.00 while a box of five-litre oil had jumped from GHC300.00 to GHC320.00.

Prices of vegetables had also seen upward adjustment with a mini sac of onion selling at GHC220 instead of GHC190 a few weeks sack ago.

Tomato prices had, however, remained stable for weeks, with a medium box going for GHC200.00.

A size-four sac of garden eggs now goes for GHc300.00 from the previous GHC250.00, while a box of garlic is pegged at GHc200.00 from Ghc140.00.

An "Olonka" of groundnut goes for Ghc16.00 and that of beans is 24.00 cedis from 14.00 and 18.00 cedis, respectively.

A crate of eggs sells between GHC18, GHC20 and GHC22.00 from the previous Ghc16.00, GHC17.00 and GHC18.00.

Price of 100 pieces of small sized tubers of yam had also jumped from GHC300 to GHC560, while the price of the same quantities for medium sizes had increased from GHC600.00 to GHC800.00

Big sizes of the same quantity had also jumped from GHC1,200 to GHC1,600.


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