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Wiamoase youth gives 'greedy' chief two months ultimatum to render accounts or else...

By Francis Appiah || Contributor
Wiamoase youth gives 'greedy' chief two months ultimatum to render accounts or else...
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Concerned Youth of Wiamoase in the Sekyere South District of the Ashanti region has given a two-month ultimatum to the Chief of Wiamoase, Nana Boakye Yiadom to render accounts to the community or face their wrath.

The youth alleged that for the seven years the chief was enstooled, he has failed to render accounts to the community, as demanded of him, after selling of land, annual harvests, funeral contributions among others.

They gave the ultimatum in a peaceful demonstration staged at Wiamoase on Wednesday, December 9, 2021, in protest also against alleged illegal money collection, destruction of buildings without any reason as well as astronomical fees charged for burial permit at the cemetery.

In the demonstration dubbed ‘Yen Daakye Nti’, which literally means ‘Our Future’, the protestors wore red shirts with red armband, holding placards with inscriptions “Chief Hitler”, “Greedy Leader”, “We Are Tired of You”, “Respect Your People”, “Stop destroying our properties” among others.


Addressing the community after parading the principal streets of the community, the leaders said “for almost seven years into his reign as chief, annual harvests have been organized three times of which every adult of the town including those abroad were made to contribute but they are yet to see any projects from the contributions.

“The wanton seizure of lands from ordinary citizens, continuous sales of lands without demarcating, arresting of the youth without any provocation, prices of lands have increased from GHC 1,500 to GHC 10,000. Even one has to pay GHC 750 for burial and GHC 3,500 if one has to erect a tomb.”

They alleged that in spite of all the colossal amount of money at his disposal, the town cannot boast of any refuse container and a modern toilet facility.

“We are giving Nana Boakye Yiadom a two month ultimatum to render accounts to us in his reign as a chief, and if he refuses to do so, we will “spit red on him”, we are fed up with his autocratic rule and disrespect to the citizenry. We want him to also return all seized lands to their rightful owners,” the group warned.

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