The Painful Walk

By Stella Annan
Article The Painful Walk
DEC 7, 2021 LISTEN

As my beloved Ghana reflects on the strike embarked on by commercial drivers which saw scores of citizens some who could not afford skyrocketing prices of the ride-hailing services had to walk to their destinations.

This also unfortunately exposed how as a country we do not take the development of alternative transportation systems serious what happened to trains, canoes or speed boats to aid our transport systems and the strike of the commercial drivers also seriously exposes how we have monopolized our transport systems to the use of only cars and not thinking outside the box to know areas that have access the lake or sea can get some transport systems to generate more revenue for the country.

Once again the politicians with which we have a social contract will always. wait for issues to occur before reacting, well they are not to blame since some of them since apart from the V8 they also enjoy free fuel so they would not feel the impact of what the Ghanaian who always has to depend on public transport to commute from one place to another go has to go through.

It was sad as some had to skip work while others persisted through the scrambling for seats the few buses left in the bus terminals that had turned chaotic as stranded passengers who were trying to find their ways to their various destinations.

This is not the first time commercial drivers are embarking on such an industrial action and it reflects how mostly politicians knee jerk approach in addressing grievances is not yielding any result it is high time carefully thought through solutions are provided to resolve the grievances of most unions.

Though sometimes these issues of

industrial action is not predictable I believe the first instance and second times they hinted about their intentions if they had been called to the negotiation table earlier the situation could have been avoided.

It is high time the government stopped being reactionary to such issues earlier negations could have prevented the unpleasant walking situation passengers ready to move out to engage their economic activity had to go through this morning.

Mr Politician please you should be mindful of the plight of people I rest my case

The Passionate Citizen

Stella Annan

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