06.12.2021 Press Release

Heed these counsel and there will be proper planting for food and jobs, Coalition of National Youth Organizers to government

By Coalition Of National Youth Organizers
Heed these counsel and there will be proper planting for food and jobs, Coalition of National Youth Organizers to government
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Agriculture is very important to every country, but most important to an African country like Ghana where we are blessed with fertile lands water bodies like the lakes, lagoons, streams, rivers etc to make Agriculture successful.

Unfortunate with the exception of the leaders of Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah, successive governments have failed to put in proper strategies to make Agriculture a strategic revenue earning avenue towards Nation development.

We have taken a look at the Akuffo led administration planting for food and jobs and it lacks proper strategy and planning,hence the failure that it has become

We are hereby advising government to heed this advise to ensure that there is proper planting for food, jobs and Revenue Generation to support Ghana's ailing economy.

Support All Rural Banks through the Agriculture Development Banks to develop an interest in funding farmers by introducing a Special fund to support people who want to go into farming. we choose to call it the FARMING CAPITAL This fund should be targeted and made available to Rural Banks located in farming communities around the country to support people who have the desire to go into farming. We propose that the interest be as low as 2% per annum to farmers who will choose to venture into yearly harvesting farming like Cereals, Vegetables etc. To make sure that the money is not used for a different purpose by the farmers who will contract these loans, we propose that government recruit and train more extension officers to be in-charge of the farmers and assist them with the technical supports. With the recruitment of these extension officers who will be paid with some interest on the credit facility, jobs will be created.

With alot of youth venturing into Agriculture particularly into farming, because of this policy, there will be bumper harvest, and *Food* will be abundant, enough to feed the starving Free SHS students, food to support the school feeding program and food to feed the entire Nation.

*Revenue Generation* Enough food being sold means enough revenue being generated. With Ghana having enough food, surplus food can be used as raw materials to feed the one district one factory, if they start operating. surplus food can be exported to earn Ghana enough Foreign exchange to support our economy to prevent the over-dependency on loans, and foreign aids.

similar packages can also be designed for Farmers who will want to go into Animal husbandry and cash crop farming and other crops which takes years to harvest like Cocoa, cashew Mango etc. here looking at the time it takes to harvest these crops, we advise that the loan repayment of 5% per Annum takes effect when the farmer starts harvesting. In the case of those who will go into animal husbandry, a lower percentage is proposed and should affect when the animals are matured and sales begin.

All the above serves the very things we have proposed, Food, Jobs and Revenue Generation in the case of those who will be going into Animals husbandry, instead of extension officers as in the case of those who are into farming, enough Veterinary officers can be recruited and trained to offer all the technical support.

We are also advising government to go into state farming with the sole aim of producing raw materials to feed the factories and export, and not to compete in the local market. Leadership should be by example. with government going into farming and animal husbandry there will be enough food to fill the buffer stocks, and enough animals product to feed the factories as Raw materials. We hope government will heed these call, to benefit fully from Agriculture as God intended when blessing us with everything to make Agriculture successful. Long live the Ghanaian farmer and happy farmers day to us all.


Osei Kofi Acquah

General secretary Coalition of National Youth organizers

National Youth Organizer for CPP

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