Navrongo: Kologo Chief given one week ultimatum to retract, apologize over alleged sales of ECG poles

Social News Navrongo: Kologo Chief given one week ultimatum to retract, apologize over alleged sales of ECG poles
DEC 7, 2021 LISTEN

Mr. John Bosco Asobayire and Mr. Francis A. Asobayire, the two family brothers who contested the chieftaincy seat with the current paramount chief of Kologo traditional area Naba Clifford Abagna Asobayire, has described the chief’s recent comments against them as baseless and face-saving.

Earlier in an interview with this reporter, the Kologo chief accused those who contested him during the chieftaincy race and some assembly members as the same people trying to give him a bad name, following the accusation that he the chief was selling the electricity poles secured for the community rural electrification project.

The chief earlier said, “I know, I contested the chieftaincy with some people and they are the same people who are trying to give me a bad name when am doing good for my community.

“And again, the assembly members, I can point 2 or 3 in the community, because of their political interest they wanted these poles I have lobbied and brought to be handed over to them so that they will distribute to the community. So, that when they distribute to the community, they will come and use it to do their politics and I said no to that, I will not accept that today, I won’t accept that tomorrow. I have gone to lobby for the project and they have given it to me to come and give to the community period,” Naba Clifford Asobayire told this reporter.

Meanwhile, in a press statement cited by this reporter, the two brothers who contested Chief Naba Clifford during the chieftaincy race, are giving the paramount chief Naba Clifford up to next week to retract the portion of the publication.

Below is the full rejoinder:


This write up is our reaction to the baseless and face-shaving allegations “Naba” Clifford Abagna Asobayire made against Assemblymen of Kologu and those who contested the Kologo chieftaincy with him.

We are referring specifically to the publication by dated 30th November 2021 captioned above. We those described by Naba Clifford Asobayire ‘Chief of Kologo’, as failed contestant to the Kologo Paramountcy Skin in the said publication wish to set the records straight.

  1. The alleged theft/sale of electricity poles by ‘Naba’ Clifford Asobayire is consistent with what we have observed about his character; it has absolutely nothing to do with rivalry in the contest for chieftaincy of Kologo. His problem is self- inflicted and so he should lick his own wounds and not divert public attention.
  2. That we have no hands in the above publication of selling electricity poles meant for Kologo and so could not have given you a bad name.
  3. It is a fact that we do not work with the Ministry of Energy and therefore could not have known that you, ‘Kologo Chief’, lobbied for poles for the community.
  4. We don’t equally work with any electricity company to have known that you are an expert in electricity installations in rural communities.
  5. If indeed you Clifford Asobayire, ‘Chief of Kologo’ genuinely lobbied for electricity poles with the intention of providing electricity extension in Kologo, then we will join hands with the community members to thank and appreciate your efforts.
  6. That we do not live in Navrongo where we heard you were allegedly selling poles meant for our community and so could not have caused the seizure of the poles.
  7. We understand the arrest and seizure of the poles was done by the security personnel we do not part of then, how could we have created bad name for you?
  8. Could you ‘Naba’ Clifford, explain to people of Kologo why the security has cause to seize our poles and deny us of speedy extension of electricity to some parts of our communities?

We therefore wish to clear our names from the portion of the publication that seeks to portray us as saboteurs of development of our own community.

In the prevailing circumstance, we now wish join you in discussing your character that has landed you in this trouble. Merely accusing others of ‘trying to give you a bad name when you are doing good for the community’ is intended to divert public attention and will not wash. Without any prejudice, we wish to state the following as facts about you which are public knowledge.

  1. You ‘Naba’ Clifford Asobayire was convicted by the Navrongo District Court on your own plea for stealing and was discharged on caution. This is public knowledge.
  2. It is public knowledge that you allegedly stole a bull belonging to a man from Bolga Sirigu and you were caught. You confessed to the act and offered restitution to shelve the matter.
  3. Cheating, extortion and intimidation of community members is very consistent with your character and this is public knowledge.
  4. Manufacturing your own receipts and exhorting commercial drivers on the roads in the name of Regional House of Chiefs/Traditional Council for your private gains is a criminal offense yet you did that. This case is still pending.
  5. Your battle with Kologo youth and Assemblymen involving the Fulani cattle rustling where your conduct was reported to the Regional House of Chiefs is fresh in the minds of the people.
  6. How can you say you are in for development, ‘you don’t joke at all with your community’, yet you go about diverting and selling electricity poles meant for Kologo Community. Our Ancestor are watching you and you will be held to account for all your bad deeds.
  7. In fact, if what we are seeing at the police station and reported in social media is something to go by, then you have lowered the status of our cherished Skin; the heritage of our forefathers and the pride of the Asobayire Family. You must apologize to us for this infamous and despicable conduct.
  8. There are a litany of issues that are waiting to befall you and instead of being remorseful, you are exhibiting arrogance with impunity. We are giving you up to next week to retract the portion of the publication that seeks to accuse us of trying to give you bad name and apologize to the entire community of Kologo else!

Rejoinder by:

(1) Mr. John Bosco Asobayire (Contestant –Kologo Skin)

(2) Mr. Francis A. Asobayire (Contestant –Kologo Skin)

Ngamegbulam Chidozie Stephen
Ngamegbulam Chidozie Stephen

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