12.07.2003 Feature Article

Stop Dreaming Sir

Stop Dreaming Sir
12.07.2003 LISTEN

It is just unfortunate for the former President to criticise the present government and blame the condition on corruption and inefficiency as Ghanains actually got to learn these practices from the P(NDC) regime and nowhere else and this is just comparable to the black port accusing the cooking utensil of being black. I've said it thousand and a one times that, Ghanaians have now come of age and gone are the days when he used to buy people's conscience with 10000 cedis.

The present state of the economy is solely due to bad management and theft during his regime and infact, the 20 or so years that he ruled Ghana has marred the economy and left Ghanaians with a legacy which is nothing but corruption and tyranny. I really respect him and as the saying goes, respect isn't bought but earned and thus he will do himself a lot of good if he lives a peaceful life instead of living in a dream world. The NDC is a dead party and it can never ever win any elections in our motherland. If he couldn't do anytihng in 20 years then what can he do in 4 years?

Alhaji Iddrisu Mahamam, Albert Bagbin and Dr Josiah Aryeh should better advise themselves and advise the former President as well as they seem to live in a world of illusions. Please refrain from illusions and insist on work and not on words as this will continually expose your ignorance to the Ghanaian community both at home and abroad. I sometimes wonder if the academic laurels certain individuals hold in our country are genuine as they always talk and behave like illiterates.

Forward ever, backwards never as Nkrumah said and thus Ghanaians have shown their willingness to move forward by saying no to the P(NDC) regime and there is no turning back whatsoever. We all admit that Mr Kuffour hasn't done enough to curb corruption but we should please remove the poke in our eyes first before complaining about that in other people's eyes as this is hypocricy. Prof Atta Mills, I sometimes wonder how this man got his qualification as he is just being used and abused by the NDC party which is dead.

Anyone with half a logical mind will admit that the days of Rawlings and his comrades are over as there is time for everything and every dog has its day. This century is for the restoration of our economy and thus these jokers should please leave Ghanaians alone to decide their destiny instead of influencing their decision. Ghanaians will not be stupid enough to bring back these "corrupt" people back into power and thus they should better stop dreaming and face reality. Today, Ghana is a household name in most countries in the Western world just because we all managed to survive under the brutal regime of Rawlings.

True democracy is what we all yearn for and even though we know things in this wicked system of things might not get any better, we wouldn't want to be tormented as if we were slaves as we saw in the P(NDC) regime where several individuals were tortured just because they said the truth and criticised the regime. PLEASE WAKE UP FROM YOUR SLUMBER AND ADMIT THAT THERE IS NO WAY BY WHICH THE NDC WILL COME BACK TO POWER. The NPP hasn't done enough but they are at least better than the NDC as far as human right abuses are concerned. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.