If there are jobs, the common Ghanaian will not lament over Electronic Taxation

Feature Article Mobile money transaction in Ghana, photo credit: Ghana media
NOV 29, 2021 LISTEN
Mobile money transaction in Ghana, photo credit: Ghana media

A tax is a mandatory, individually gratuitous payment levied from individuals to financially support the activities of the state and developments.

In other words, taxes are the main source of funds to improve support a country from collapsing. By giving away some of our money in the form of taxes, we are essentially complicit in creating a livable environment.

From tax revenues, the state finances a significant part of expenditures on defense, health care, education, the maintenance of government bodies and courts.

Since taxation is a foundation of every country, jobs are created to improve the economy as well as generate more income to manage state affairs.

It is, therefore, not logical if a government that cannot create jobs will introduce multiple taxations on the people.

The unemployment rate in Ghana is very high and people are suffering. Many are facing economic hardships. Thus; in any good country, the government will consider the plight of the people by reducing prices of commodities and amenities to create a flexible normal life for the people but that’s not the case in Ghana.

Ghanaians pay road tax to repair roads in the country but the roads are death traps. Ghanaians pay contributions to the pension fund and social insurance, yet the living conditions of pensioners are horrible.

In reality, Ghanaians pay taxes that they don’t benefit from them, the NPP government keeps introducing new taxation to take away the little the struggling Ghanaians have. That's not fair.

Apart from that common Ghanaians receive an extremely low level of salaries that many can’t make ends meet because prices of commodities, including fuel are exorbitant.

So why a country the government has failed to solve the needs of the people will introduce E-levy to take away the little they have from them?

As from the effect of next year, money transactions in Ghana, including mobile money transactions will attract the tax payment.

This is insane because the majority of the people are unemployed and poor. How can the government tax someone who sends 50 Ghc to his old mother in the village?

Does this sound logical to the NPP government? Is that what is called efficient leadership or care for the people?

The citizens of many countries worldwide, don’t lament over taxation because they enjoy a chain of good work, security, transportation, and every necessary amenities provided by the government for their comfort as human beings.

As matter of fact, this E-Levy is not necessary because the Ghanaian government has failed to provide for the people, The NPP must desist from taking money from the people if they have failed miserably as a government.

Corruption must come to an end and that will generate more money to support the developmental projects in the country.

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