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Rawlings Proved to be a Liar or a Coward?

Rawlings Proved to be a Liar or a Coward?
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One may ask whether Mr. Rawlings has been proved to be a "Liar" or a "Coward"?. Let us all recollect resent pronouncements made by Mr. Rawlings in which he accusing the Kufuor government for undertaking a transition of hatred against him and the NDC, which he represents. He however says he has nothing against the NPP and asked for a culture of civility, justice, democracy and good governance. In his pronouncements, Mr. Rawlings alleged that 15 cabinet members in the present administration were involved in the serial killing of 34 women a few years ago.

When asked in an exclusive interview to give the names of the! se suspects out, the former President said he would "Not", unless the concept of Chemical interrogation, which he had called for was introduced to examine him and those who have accused him of various crimes at the National Reconciliation Commission.

One may ask whether these same Chemical interrogation equipment's were used when he was interrogating General Achiampong, Gen.Afrifa, Gen. Otuka and others?. Were they used to interrogate the three judges?. Consequently, as President of Ghana at the time, he decided to broadcast to the nation but that address was stopped because that was the time when the country was preparing for the second round of presidential elections. According to him, if he had broadcast to the nation, it would have been misconstrued and the opposition NPP would have used it as grounds to call for the boycott of elections. This can be regarded as a "Big LIE".

How can someone who is fighting for presidency, sit down for his opponent to be killing 34 innocent women one after the other, knowing very well what their bodies were meant for something to help them defeat him in the election without any reaction?. Is this the make-up of that Rawlings we all know?. If this statement is true, the question will be what would he have done to these 15 parliamentary candidates if he had won the 2000 elections?. Would he have revealed this secret to the nation or he would have covered it and let those murders and their accomplices go Scott free?

We should remember that "The evil that men do lives after them". We should as well remember a "Sin" against humanity is against nature, and is like your own shadow that shall follow you all the days of your life. A Liar can ran but cannot hide. Mr. Rawlings, remember, no matter how long it takes, you have the obligation to tell the nation the truth and repent from your evil thoughts if you believe in justice and respect for your fellow human beings. God will forgive you when you repent and apologize to the nation.

How do we justify the behavior of a person who came to power through terrorism and ruled innocent Ghanaians for the past 20 years, who at the end of the day has nothing to offer his people rather than creating confusions because of the fear that he might be tried for his offenses?. How can a president who has the last word to say during his hey days, keep such a criminal secret from the same people he claims he loves and even prepared to die for?. How can a president who had the best security men, the best military and police around him, who were said to be intelligent than America's most intelligent security forces in the Pentagon now ends up telling the nation nothing but Lies?. What was his motive?. Is he now panicking because he told a Lie? or really has information for his people?. Let him speak out.

A president possessing the best intelligent security agents on earth that one can ever dream off, and yet says the 34 citizens that were vindicated causing anger and sorrows in the country, and despite the fact that he had first class information from his most trusted security agents, refused to trap down those murders and their accomplices and bring them to justice. Why?.

Did I heard it right from the mouth of a man who claims to believe in nothing but in justice, good governance and accountability and even prepared to gun down any person irrespective of one´s gender or status is now been proved to be a Liar and a Coward?

This is exactly what perhaps we should be expecting from future Presidents. A President who has no legacy to leave behind but rather completing his career with corruption legacy, murder and "LIES". This will be recorded in our history. We shall write and publish them in our media, in schools and universities and shall be part of their curriculum. Our children should be told the history about some "Wicked and irresponsible leaders" they are going to deal with in their lives. Yes the future generation will remember a President who told the biggest "LIE" ever in our history. Yes they should know the name of a President who claims to love his people, yet could sit down unconcerned to see his people being humiliated and just refuse to react because he is a Coward President. Yes they should know the name of that Coward preside! nt. Our Children should know that Wicked President. What do we need to educate our children?.

Perhaps we should be educating them to learn such disciplines like: Laziness, Corruption, Brutality, Hypocrisy, Hatred, Tribalism, Selfishness, Greediness, and most importantly how to tell "Lies". This is the sort of education our children will have to learn from our leaders in this country. If a President of a nation can tell a Lie, and get away with it, a Child can do the same and get away with it as well because that is our Ghanaian Tradition. What a "SHAME".

I hope it is about time for Rawling´s legal advisers to advise him to consult a Physician. We are all aware of the pains that he is going through. We are all aware of his sleepless nights because of his iniquities against the people of this country. We are aware of the hatred he has against Kufuor for taken over power from him without blood shed. We are aware of his anger he has against his own people he trusted who have failed him. We are aware of his pains he had after Ghanaians have proved to him that they are quite and not fools to allow him to reign this country as Methuselah did. This has turn to be a painful "PILL" Rawlings couldn't swallow up till now, and as such will do everything possible to create confusion and witch hunting among the people.

Let someone out there tell Mr. Rawlings that, nothing can distract us from moving ahead to achieve democracy for our motherland. Let someone tell Mr. Rawlings that, he can run but he cannot hide from Justice. Tell him he can rest assured that, even if President Kufuor for any hidden reasons, will not let him face Justice before the end of his term, he President Kufuor will be forced to face Justice himself and we shall review your case once again when we the Youth take over. Rest assured.

I hope President Kufuor and his cabinet will spare him because perhaps they were really involved in this serial killings. The entire Police Administration perhaps will have to tight their mouths because they know for sure those who were behind the massacre. The Security, the Army and the Police feared your brutality and that might be the reason why they too knowing very well that these 15 or more of President Kufuor´s cabinet ministers were the brain behind the serial murder of these 34 women have kept quite for the sake of their lives. This means no amount of investigations conducted into the allegations will let them reveal the "Truth" unless you spare them their lives or you will be compelled to tell the nation the truth if you are not a "Coward". and a disgrace to the nation.

Mr. Rawlings should as well be forced to tell the nations those who ordered the killing of the three Judges. Can we ever trust our Security Agents? Ghanaians watch-out, we are in "DANGER", for our Security is in a bad shape. We are dealing with an unknown Spirit.

God bless you fellow countrymen. Prince Aidoo (Evangelist) Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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