30.05.2003 Feature Article

Gospel According To Cowards

Gospel According To Cowards
30.05.2003 LISTEN

It is just annoying to hear of the hype the Ghanaian media are giving to Rawlings and his contemporaries. Our economy is basically what it is today because of the bogus journalistic practices that have been tolerated all these years. Why should we waste our time talking about cowards who cannot even kill a foul let alone stage a coup d'etat.Mr Elvis Afriyie Ankrah should thank Ghanaians for instilling true democracy as he couldn't have said what he said had it been in the P(NDC) era. He would not have lived to see the result of his stupidity or might have been tortured by the brutal regime that was led by Jerry John Rawlings.

Well, let me give some advise to the minority leader in Parliament for coming out to show his ignorance by declaring that Mr Kwaku Baako shouldn't be seen as a role model by the Ghanaian youth. If he could work for "illiterates" like Rawlings then what at all is he trying to send across? People don't only become role models after they've gone through formal education. Bill Gates can be considered as a school drop out but can Babgin rob shoulders with him? He should better shut up and stop deceiving the public.

Rawlings has never ever staged a coup in the history of Ghana because he is a coward and thus I see no reason why you should link him to a coup d'etat. Could Elvis Ankrah please come out and tell me why the investigations involving the death of Nana Drobo was halted not forgetting that of the BHC boss who died mysterriously? He should please check his facts before coming out with such blasphemous declarations.

Haruna Iddrisu has been cunning since his days with NUGS and he is nothing but a "murderer" as he misled thousands of students whiles he was President of NUGS and thus the so- called NDC activists should watch him as he is two faced and can be dangerous. As the saying goes, "empty barrels make the most noise" and it is thus not surprising at all that people like Rawlings and his comrades are always making a lot of unnecessary noise all the time.

Mandela is respected all over the world because of his humility and respect for humanity and Rawlings should know that, he will never be respected unless he stops coming out violently on radio and on the televisions around the country as that only brings out the "mad person" in him. Does he need another operation on his head? Why did he maltreat Dr Mustapha after he had helped him from going to his grave and how on earth could such a person be respected.

Respect is earned but not bought so all these cowards should shut up and rot in hell as they have caused enough harm to the economy of our motherland. Today. a lot of people who are meant to be intellectuals are fools just because they allowed the P(NDC) regime to manipulate them.Clinton commands so much respect amongst Americans because he is living a low profile lifestyle and not coming out like a bastard. If only Rawlings knew his father, he wouldn't have behaved the way he does today but we should all be rest assured that, he is a toothless bull dog and a very nice person when he wants to be but he only sometimes allows the animal in him to overcome his good side.

Had Rawlings not destroyed the businesses of Ghanaian entrepreneurs, our economy would have been one of the best so all his crazy comrades should please shut up and blame themselves for the woes of Ghanaians today. Only time will tell what wrong these criminals have committed to mankind and Ghanaians for that matter. Ghana will rise again and democracy is here to stay. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.