Corruption, greed, hate, hypocrisy, and tribalism, are the seeds of destruction that have ruined Ghana

Feature Article Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, photo credit: STF / AFP
NOV 21, 2021 LISTEN
Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, photo credit: STF / AFP

"Ghana, your beloved country is free forever," said Nkrumah, adding "the independence has no meaning unless it is linked up with the total liberation of Africa.”

Ghana’s independence has been meaningless, considering the political situation in our country today, let alone the entire African continent.

Ghana shouldn’t have been in such an ugly position because it’s one of the richest resources’ countries in Africa, however, we are witnessing a chain of political disasters, including poverty, a high rate of unemployment, hate, political discontent, and crime. Why?

When I was young, I used to hate anything ungodly, especially paganism; however, I have realized today that I have carried a wrong mentality for a very long time. Why because many Christians and Muslims n Ghana do horrible things that pagans don’t do.

The rule of political greed and hate in Ghanaian politics, between Christians and Muslims, has led to discontent, money laundering, corruption, and the killing of political opponents in Ghana. These are the same people that claim they worship God or Allah.

Every country in this world has a history, heroes, and those that sacrificed their lives to build that country.

In Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah was among them, yet, due to hate, jealousy, and tribalism, many keep destroying the character of our past leaders who tirelessly fought for our country. The result is what we are witnessing today.

How do you expect to progress in your life as a leader if you hate to see the progress of another leader? This is why Ghana is not moving forward because the majority due to political greed abhor the truth and support the evil and all kinds of destructive elements affecting our society today.

Political parties in Ghana, whether efficient or inefficient, are only interested to retain power because if they lose power, access to corruption or stealing from government coffers will come to an end.

Thus; they keep making noise as if they are doing that for the common people. Who cares about the common Ghanaian?

Over six decades, after the British colony was renamed Ghana, our country hasn’t seen any better developments because tribalism continues to divide the people, while poor leadership is being supported amidst political carnage and underdevelopment.

If this kind of suicidal politics is good for you politicians and the common people, you wouldn’t leave your country to seek medical attention overseas.

Power belongs to the people but in Ghana power can be stolen, therefore, politicians are not scared the common people will deny them that power.

However, what they should be aware of is that social media is changing many things in the world, therefore, the youth's eyes are now wide open, knowing the dirty games the politicians are playing.

There will be a time, Ghanaian politicians will not find it easy. Did you hear me? There will be a time, Ghanaians politicians will regret being politicians.

They shouldn’t wait for that to happen. They must work as hard as possible to solve the needs of the people because they are suffering, paying multiply taxes without getting anything back.

Kwame Nkrumah left a chain of legacies of industrialization, including the construction of the Akosombo dam, Valco, the Tema motorway, Abosso glass factory, Zuarungu meat factory, Pwalugu tomato factory, the Kade match factory, Akosombo textiles, and host of many others.

If those that hate Nkrumah are not ready to recognize what he achieved for our country, they should stop dragging his face in the mud because the undesirable attitude towards this great leader has become the curse on Ghana today.

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