Bolga: Nadeng Zein Academy hold counselling session for BECE candidates after final exams

Education Final year student of Nadeng Zein Academy listening to counselling
NOV 22, 2021 LISTEN
Final year student of Nadeng Zein Academy listening to counselling

As a nice way of saying goodbye to the 2021 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) candidates of Nadeng Zein Academy, management has organized a counselling ceremony for all the participating students.


Executive Director Nadeng Zein Academy Mr. Issah Bukari

Speaking at the counselling ceremony, Alhaji Issah Bukari executive director of Nadeng Zein Academy extended his congratulatory message to the candidates of the just-ended BECE.

According to Alhaji Bukari, the counselling section will help shape them as they go back to their various homes to await their final results to proceed to SHS.


Nadeng Zein Academy

“You are much aware that every year, immediately after the BECE examinations, we go with you to the maternity ward in Tongo hospital and usually, we send key soap, baby napkin, baby foot ware, toilet soap and so on to the nursing mothers. This year, we have decided, that we will use it for our own selves. Because we cannot always be sending out and forgetting of home. So, today we want to do it with you people, so that maybe next year, we can go to Tongo again.

“I want to thank you for the support you have given to us, the cooperation you have given us, the understanding and tolerance you have given us all these years. It is all meant for you and for us later. For you because we are shaping your character and behaviors to become future leaders. For us, at the end of the day wherever you go and do anything nice, credit comes to Nadeng Zein Academy,” Alhaji Bukari Issah stated.

However, the guest speaker for the counselling section Rev. Ananchinaaba Isaac advised the BECE candidates to make good use of their time to enable them to get the best out of themselves as they await their results.

“You are just beginning life and education, this is just the very first step you have taken and there are many more steps you have to take. So, you need time to think and ponder upon your life and see how you can make it as you go ahead.

Rev. Ananchinaaba Isaac a counsellor

“As you begin life, is just to set a goal for yourself. Today you are leaving Nadeng Zein Academy, ask yourself next year by this time where will be? Next year by this time, where will I want to be? So, make a goal for yourself and do not waste your time. Remember, there is a saying that time wasted can never be recovered. But this fewer of time while staying at home, you can join any ICT training center and learn something. It is a very good thing you must do. Because, as you move forward from here, you are still going to study it and so make use of it. And again, you can decide that while at home, let me do something that will give me some little money to support myself when am going into Senior High School is also good and that should be a legitimate income generated venture," he emphasised.

Touching on their relationship as they leave school, Counsellor Rev. Ananchinaaba advised the students to choose good friends and not fall into bad companies who will lure them into bad habits that will destroy the future even before their results arrive.


Final year student of Nadeng Zein Academy listening to counselling

“You may go from here and meet new from altogether, let me say that relationships are very important, and we are told that a human being is a social being, you cannot live your life all alone, you need people around you but, watch the type of people you have around you, watch the friends you go to and remember this common saying, ‘show me your friend and i will show you the type of person you are'," he stressed.

Hajia Memuna Abubakar, a retired educationist also offered her candid advice to them especially the young girls.


Hajia Memuna Abubakar, a retired educationist

“Your duty is to study hard so that you can make a better result, don’t go and look at your friend’s lifestyle and also want to copy their lifestyle it will not do you any good. Because all hands are not equal. And again, stealing is not good at all and there are thieves in Senior High School and so be careful in order not to tarnish the name of your family and the school you graduated from. Ask for what you don’t have from a friend if he gives you fine and he or she did not, avoid it but don’t steal is never a good practice,” she advised.

However, Head Master of Nadeng Zein Academy Alhaji Baba Razak who expressed satisfaction said, the school management and staff took it upon themselves to make sure the final year students received massive training and preparation ahead of the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).


Head Master of Nadeng Zein Academy Alhaji Baba Razak

“Each year, we have a special way of preparing our final year students, one of has not been achieved, that is keeping the children here in the school for 3 or 4 months before they even go to write, but this time we are all aware the reason which is the COVID, but aside that we prepare them very well, they always write 9 mocks and we were able to cover it and the masters internally also prepare them very well by giving them a lot of assignments and also creates groups in the class to assist the below average in the class,” he noted.

Meanwhile, some of the final year students who spoke to this reporter says, they are very optimistic that they will excel when the results are released.

They extends appreciation to the management of Nadeng Zein Academy for their wonderful contributions ahead of their BECE exams as they promised not to disappoint the school in future.

Ngamegbulam Chidozie Stephen
Ngamegbulam Chidozie Stephen

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