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Promoting Tourism And Panafest In Ghana

Promoting Tourism And Panafest In Ghana
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The President of the Pan-African Foundation, Emmanuel Ofori plans to get 1000 Americans to travel to Ghana this summer in a way of promoting Tourism, PANAFEST and the National Airline (Ghana Airways). Mr. Ofori is well-known for the concern and love for his country (Ghana) when it comes to humanitarian. In the past six years his organization has donated medical, dental and school supplies valued over four Million dollars to over 25 hospitals, clinics and schools across Ghana.

The president planned to go extra mile in assisting his country in creating more revenue for the Government by promoting PANAFEST, Tourism and the National Airline (Ghana Airways). The organization in Partnership with Ghana Airways has invited Ghana Deputy minister for Tourism, Hon: Nana Akomea, former minister of State and chairman of PANAFEST Mr. Kojo Yankah and the secretary general of PANAFEST Mr. Kohain Halevi to the United States from March 20-30.

They will be appearing on several Radio and TV Interviews and speak to several organizations, Universities students and staff, churches and the public. The first program takes place at the Embassy of Ghana in Washington, DC on March 22, 2003. Mr. Ofori believes over 18,000 Americans alone could visit Ghana each year and that will boost the economy as they shop, eat, fly Ghana Airways and stay in hotels. etc. The president said, the new administration should put Tourism on the priority list for Ghana and take advantage before its too late.

Tourism in Ghana has gone down due to the fact, Ghana for almost two years do not have a Minister for Tourism, secondly Tourism in Ghana is centered only in Accra and Cape Coast. Ghana has so many interesting Tourist sites in Eastern, Western, Ashanti, Northern, Brong-Ahafo and other Regions of Ghana. Just to mentioned a few areas include Lake Bosomtwi, biggest tree at Akim Oda, Salaga Market, Akosombo Dam, Bonwire known for Kente etc.

Thousands of American Tourist who have visited Ghana only new Accra and Cape Coast. The president was speaking to about 700 members of St. James Baptist church, several ministers and organizations last week in Richmond. Many of the guest said they would love to visit other cities and places of interest. In due of this many are going to the Senegal though they prefer Ghana because of the language and hospitality of Ghanaians.

Senegal is taking great advantage for the country. Tourism has become one of the country's revenue. The Senegalese government and business leaders are creating Tourist areas across the country. Opportunity comes one time and that the Kuffuor administration should take Tourism very serious for Ghana is a gate way to Tourism. African-Americans are now feeling home sick and they love Ghana anytime they visit.

Over one hundred black organizations in America are into business of African products from Art, Crafts, clothing etc. Since U. S. Senate passed the (AGOA) African Growth and Opportunity Act in 2000, Ghana have to take advantage. Mr. Ofori is appealing to the administration to educate Ghanaians through information sharing on the (AGOA) African Growth and Opportunity Act for them to benefit. In doing so will being some relief and revenue to the Country. God Bless Ghana Emmanuel Ofori President/Project Director Pan-African Foundation

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