15.03.2003 Feature Article

Liberate us from the hands of the imperialists

Liberate us from the hands of the imperialists
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I read the official letter from the IMF to the President yesterday and it is really sad to know how the imperialists are trying very hard to destroy our economy and make life difficult for our fellow brothers and sisters at home. Neo-colonialism will bring us nothing other that suffering and this I believe is what we are all trying to avoid. African leaders who do not succumb to imperialism have been branded as Tyrants by the western world and this is just a stupid thing to do. Gaddhafi has managed to build one of the largest dams in his sub-region just because he said not to imperialists.

Our first President was actually able to embark on all those investment ventures just because he gave no room for the imperialists to act at all. I remember Mr Nelson Mandela telling the American President at the time that, they had no right to tell him who to call friends. This had resulted after America asked him to stay away from Gaddhafi. Today Zionism is being preached all over the world just because America seem to be in the helm of affairs but it is time we abstain from this as it's the way the imperialists ensnare poor Africans nations.

The IMF is only prepared to give the government a loan if only they freeze all wage increases and increase the VAT we are already struggling to pay at home. They also expect us to pay more money for the Petroleum products but have they forgotten about the fact that, they really don't do anything to help our macro-economic factors. How on earth do they expect us to pay these loans back when they destroy our manufacturing base everyday. The divestiture of GCB should only be done if the good people of Ghana want this devilish organisation to enslave the once again.

It is time we are liberated by our leaders and this it the time for the ideals of Pan-Africanism to be embraced by our leaders. Yes "we've got to admire the rich, respect our superiors and do the best we can to rise above our present condition" as declared by Marcus Mosiah Garvey. We will continue to die in poverty unless we say no to imperialism and make decisions on our own instead of sitting down for these bastards to make decisions for us.

Africa is in shumbles because of the numerous imperialist innovations which are always embraced by our leaders. Rise up and let's build a strong Pan-Africanist state instead of relying solely on external donors as this will only lead to the detriment of our suffering brothers and sisters. The western world call terrorists Freedom fighters whenever they fight for them and then they call them terrorists when they fight against imperialism.Why don't they leave us alone then, as we are toothless bull dogs . I really wonder why the imperialists want to destroy Africans both at home and in the diaspora.The most dangerous man in the world Bin Laden with all the blood on his hands will admit that the IMF is as dangerous as he is.

This is exactly what the IMF is capable of doing. They will make us feel we are safe and then turn their backs on us after they've destroyed us.Please liberate us from these killers as they are only out there to cause our downfall. Interest rates are soaring and unemployment has got to the zenith as a result of our reliance of this organisation and why don't we increase our GDP instead of giving them the room to decrease it and cause more suffering for us. Liberate us Mr President as we are suffering in the hands of the beast popularly known as the IMF.

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