Open Letter to the MCE for Tema Metropolitan Assembly, Hon. Yohane Amarh Ashitey

By Seidu Abdulai
Letter Open Letter to the MCE for Tema Metropolitan Assembly, Hon. Yohane Amarh Ashitey
NOV 9, 2021 LISTEN

Dear Sir,

Peace Be Unto You!

I wish to congratulate you on your investiture as the Metropolitan Chief Executive of Tema Metropolitan Assembly. I witnessed the voting which confirmed you as the Chief Executive of TMA on Thursday, the 30th day of September 2021. In your ecstatic inaugural speech, one could easily tell how elated you were - it was a serendipitous moment. Even though your political elevation came as a surprise to me, I am unable to independently ascertain your work and sacrifices for your party - be that as it may, I wish to once again congratulate you on your new role as the metropolitan chief of TMA.

In granting you the knowledge and skill required in your new office, I wish to draw your attention to the fact that, the portfolio requires a non-partisan approach in dealing with the developmental challenges that the assembly is confronted with. Particularly, so when you want Tema to shine again. I must say that I am not oblivious of the fact that you rose on the back of your party to become the Mayor of Tema, and for that matter, the temptation to tilt towards party lines is high. Your tilting should not be astray.

Dear Yohane Amarh Ashitey, the challenges begging for immediate attention in my considered view is sanitation and the security situation in the metropolis. The disgusting dirt and refuse in your backyard is an eyesore. You may want to turn to your backyard as the starting point.

The whole metropolis is engulfed with filth. While I admit that the activities of the citizenry and how waste is disposed of, may have accounted for the current state of poor sanitation, I believe the assembly is largely responsible for the indiscretion. The assembly is not able to create and expand proper disposal places for waste. You know the effects of poor sanitation, accordingly pay special attention to it. We are sitting on a time bomb as far as the sewage infrastructure is concerned. You have to pay serious attention to the plumbing and sewage works in the metropolis.

Dear Mayor, the Industrial Hub, the Pride of Ghana, the Planned City, the Harbour City is now 'Container City. You will need an apolitical mindset to be able to effectively deal with this myriad of challenges particularly, the container menace.

The level of insecurity in the metropolitan area is also an issue you have to avert your mind to. Petty crimes in the metropolis are on the increase and this can be linked to economic reasons. Most of the street lights if not all in the metropolis too are not working.

The challenges confronting the assembly is dire and for that matter, over politicization of your office will be calamitous and detrimental to the progress of the assembly.

You may want to start your journey by inviting the former Mayors of the assembly, and possibly former MPs. Develop a good working relationship with your office and the offices of the MPs in your jurisdiction, and extend same to the assembly members.

It is my hope and prayers that the overriding factor in your dealings will be the development of the people and not partisan considerations.

May I draw your attention to the all-important office complex initiated by the former mayor of Tema and now MP for Tema East which has been abandoned. Almost all the decentralised offices in the Tema Metro do not have offices. GES is currently renting their office. The office complex initiated under the leadership of Hon Isaac Ashai Odamtten was to augment these challenges and improve the administrative unit of government agencies.

I will come your way again to discuss the developmental challenges in the area of health and the educational sector.

I thank you sincerely and wish you the very best on your lofty quest to make Tema Shine.


SEIDU, Abdulai


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