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Are our MP's stealing because of poor salaries?

Are our MP's stealing because of poor salaries?
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It is an irony to hear that because of poor salaries paid to MPs, they are said to be absenting themselves from duty very often. This has been identified by the Majority Deputy Whip Hon. Kwabena Adusa Okerchiri as a major cause of absenteeism and non-punctuality in Parliament. The Majority Deputy Whip and NPP MP for Nkawkaw, Hon. Kwabena Adusa Okerchiri, is said to have made this admission in an interview with the DAILY DISPATCH in Parliament on the 29 November 2002. “ I must confess that my experience as a Whip, tells me that many backbenchers also do not attend upon the House either regularly or promptly. Apparently, they have some business to do elsewhere because remuneration is quite bad, they have to make up for the meagre salaries”,… he said. This is a sad and shameful thing to hear. We thank God for Hon. Kwabena Adusa Okerchiri for revealing this to the country. My fellow countrymen, absenting yourself from duty without permission and engaging yourself in any other business and collecting the same salary is indirect “Cheating and Stealing of Public Funds”. This is what we term as “Negligence of duty”. Is that what we call ”Zero tolerance?” It’s no wonder that our country is in such a bad economical shape because our MPs, are not there to seek the interest of our country, but rather to see how they can fill their pockets and bellies. This is an insult to the country because one cannot ignore the fact that these MP´s who are said to be absenting themselves for duty were ignorant about their remuneration awaiting them in the service before they applied for appointment through the ballot box. Were they not aware of this fact when they stood on the platforms preaching the message of Corruption, Justice and Accountability to their poor voters?. Were they not aware that they cannot fight corruption in anyway because they themselves will have to sneak from their official duties and go to join the Makola women at Makola market in selling tomatoes and fish just to make ends meet?. Is there any disciplinary clause in view?. What has their employer, (the government) got to say?. Some of our so-called dedicated MP´s have now join the train of corruption. In this train, they find their colleagues from the civil service, Police, greedy Pastors, Teachers, Alhagi´s and many more. Who is to stop this train to check “CORRUPTION”? They are all “Liars and Greedy” passengers. The locomotive driver is corrupt so are his passengers. They are like greedy dogs who can never have enough. Who is to check who on this train?. This is the reason why they are all interested in going in for dubious “Loans” whereby they can have their shares in it leaving the country at long last to repay such debts accumulated by dubious governments who in turn pass it on to the other whiles Ghanaians give them a clapping hand and some shouting Halleluya praise the Lord. At the end of the day it is the same poor tax payer, the poor farmer who cannot even afford to send his child to school that suffers. These irresponsible and nefarious MP´s can afford through corruption to give their children the best education they can ever dream of. Live in better environments and better houses whiles still leave in mud houses. Others are deprived of even basic education left alone infrastructure. They preach “JUSTICE” with their mouths, but no one calls for Justice because their remuneration are just peanuts. It is a shame for some of these MP´s likewise the government. On the part of Ministers who are also MPs, it has been argued in certain circles that until Article 78(1) is either amended or repealed, the situation will not improve. Can this Article 78 (1) be amended or changed?. The question is the law makers are mouth-tight, and how can a Lion without teeth bite? How can the government change this Article 78(!)?. How can they pay themselves, civil servants, the Police, the army etc and encourage them to refrain from milking our people dry. The solution to this social malpractice’s is to find out the Truth; that “Money” has made it impossible for human beings to accept and understand our problems. Because of “Money and power” our leaders “Love themselves” and not their “Neighbours” How can you be stealing the wealth of your country indirectly if you love your country? How can you show injustice to your neighbour if you love him? How can you apply the so-called barbaric “Sharia law” in cutting of your neighbours hands if you love him? We are telling Lies, killing and doing all sorts of evil things because of the “LOVE OF MONEY”?. “The Love for money has made us blind” and wicked. Ghanaians are suffering all sorts of abuses and injustices and they will continue to suffer because there is no Love in the country and there shall be no “JUSTICE” in the country. There shall be no faithful “LEADER” in our generation who can deliver us from killing and telling “Lies” because of the love for money. If Ghanaians who have understood this prophecy can repent and force our leaders as well to repent from some of their trespasses, we can collectively feed our people and our greedy MP´s,. After filling their “Big Bellies” from the food that we produce, I think they will have a little mercy on Ghanaians. If we can train the next generation to refrain from such immoral attitudes, there shall be at least, some Justice, Peace and Prosperity in Ghana. “A hungry man is an angry person” so as “A hungry MP is an angry MP”. They are hungry, and this is the reason why they are all stealing the countries wealth indirectly. Everybody is stealing, because they are not well paid. Even most Pastors are telling their listeners lies because of money. Our leaders are telling us Lies, because they want to survive and rule. Ghanaians where are we gearing to?. Our country is blessed with riches and academics as any other rich country in the world, but because of “Lack of knowledge, Greediness, Lies, Brutality and disrespect of human rights, our country is in serious political and social trouble. This I predict, will never change unless we ask for repentance and get away from our transgressions. May God have mercy on Ghanaians. Prince Aidoo (Evangelist) Ghana Social Democrats Germany

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