01.12.2002 Feature Article

President Kufuor, they will fail you if....

President Kufuor, they will fail you if....
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President John Agyekum Kufuor, they will fail you. There is a saying which says: “ The success of a Market day, depends on the early hour sales”. This means the success of your government will depend on your early performance. President Kufuor, it will be too late for you to realise the sort of cabinet and advisors you have at your disposal. Probably they were chosen because of their relationship to you, or their educational background, or may be their acclaimed working experience, or their political affiliations, or probably their so-called love to their country, but one thing is sure that you will realise their capabilities and their evil thoughts when everything seems to be too late for you. I hope you are said to be a Christian, and if “YES”, then I hope you will understand what I am talking about. President Kufuor, your cabinet will fail you if you allow yourself. Democracy does not mean you should just sit and listen to any evil-minded advise given to you by your ministers or cabinet. As a President, you have an obligation, and that is, how to lead the country to success. It is not your might and power but the power of God that touched the hearts of Ghanaians to give you the mandate to rule, and that same God will give his people the same power they need to hold you responsible if you allow your so-called professors, economic and political gurus to miss-advise you with their evil-minds in certain financial and other issues. As a President you have the last word, and you have the power of attorney to scrutinise every decision submitted to you before you put pen to paper. Your have to apply your own Wisdom in everything, having in mind those who made you what you are now. The following issue is a testimony of your leniency in governance. This (IFC) $1 billion Loan issue which your cabinet and finance advisors claimed not to be true is now a true fact at long last. Why at long last? This is because you seem to forget the Wisdom and Power that God gave you to rule. This is because you are now enjoying with those who are dominated with evil thoughts in the State House. Please watch-out before you fall at the feet of the same satanic advisors. This is just the beginning. They will raise you high and let you fall again. This hot-button issue of International Finance Consortium (IFC) $1 billion Loan which was said to have raised tempers at a stormy, high-tension at the State House, on the 19 November is a testimony of early dishonesty and the beginning practice of indirect corruption in your cabinet. This shows how dangerous and incompetent your advisors are and their lack of moral obligation and accountability to the country, which is about to discredit your government if not checked. That State House is a dwelling place for most evil-minded politicians so you better watch-out if you think you have the fear of God in you as a Christian or your days are counted. President Kufuor, with all respect it is a total disappointment that the whole government machinery could be so blinded by greed to enter into such an obviously fraudulent and dubious financial transaction despite all protest and caution expressed by concerned and knowledgeable persons within the community. Your government is now in real trouble. The delivery of the $350m “IFC” imaginary loan is due, and despite all the noise made by your own Hon J.H. Mensah & co., the same old crook who stated that: “we have not heard of the transfer of a single dollar into the accounts of Ghana government from this loan”, was a serious “LIE” isn´t it. Are the people of Ghana going to blame and accuse only the senior minister, J.H. Mensah, the finance minister Hon. Yaw Osafo-Maafo and the Governor of the Bank of Ghana, Paul Acquah alone?. Who is to be blamed for the voices that were raised, tempers that flared, hurtful words that escalated to boiling point? President J.A. Kufuor, one of your advisors on this Loan issue Professor Eddie Ayensu who tried to source external private funds through fraudulent means for development projects in fulfilment of the NPP’s campaign promises is now said to be on the run. This man who brought the deal to your government, is keeping out of sight leaving you Mr. President, and your cabinet to face the trail of attempt of causing financial losses ever in our history to this country. He is a very smart Professor isn´t it?. Are you so forgetful Mr. President, about what Rawlings and his nefarious ministers did to Ghanaians?. Hopefully not; “SIR”. Apparently, your Hon Yaw Osafo-Maafo’s Ministry of Finance and Dr. Paul Acquah’s Bank of Ghana, are said to be silence on the whereabouts of the money. What a pity. I hope President Kufuor, you will be honest to tell the people of this country this: “we were all involved so if things go wrong, we should all be collectively held responsible. There is therefore no need for some ministers to show their intention of distancing themselves from the transaction and leaving others as scape-goats.” Ghanaians should hold me President John Agyekum Kufuor and my ministers responsible for our irresponsible collective deeds. I pray that the almighty God will visit you and protect your life and keep you away from the hands of most of your ministers who are devils but clothed with sheep skin. President Kufuor, some of these people are praising you just for their selfish ends. “These people are like blind watchmen, they are all ignorant, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark. They are like greedy dogs which can never have enough, they all look to their own way, everyone for his gain, from his quarter”. President Kufuor your excellency, “It is not what you say, but what you do makes you a good leader”. If you believe in God and prepared to redeem Ghanaians from political Bondage, your reward shall be as follows: “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in Judgement thou shall condemn. “Fear not; for thou shall not be ashamed; neither be confounded; for thou shall not be put to shame”. They will fail you if... This is my message to you Mr. President, and to those who will want to be leaders in the country. We the youth, we are preparing ourselves to deliver, and we shall not spare any government that shall attempt to mislead us. We shall deal with each individual accordingly. God bless Ghana. Prince Aidoo Ghana Social Democrats West Germany

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