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Anyone who kills should also be killed if......

Anyone who kills should also be killed if......
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It is rather also very “unfortunate” to hear Mr. Nenorlea Gidiglo, the Secretary-general of Ghana Amnesty International on the 07 October 2002, condemning the pronouncement of Chief Justice E.K.Wredu who said: „Anyone who kills must be killed“. I hope he Mr. Nenorlea Gidiglo doesn’t know what he himself is talking about. It might be true that God said in the Holy scriptures that those with satanic spirits should be allowed to be killing innocent people and get away with it. Yes, may be Mr. Nenorlea Gidiglo might have read this passage in the Bible in Genesis 1 vrs. 1-5 or a chapter which is well known to himself. I hope his children will just have to dance Helleluya when he himself is killed by such satanic criminals. His wife and his Children will just have to forsake the murderer because God wants it so. That is what perhaps Mr. Nerorlea Gidiglo meant by Human rights when in school. Let me put it to him that that even our God that we serve gives oders for his enemies to be destroyed and that Satan and his henchmen are on the list of death penalty if he doesn’t know. What is the need for God to ordain some people to be preaching repentance messages to the people?. For what purpose?. Should we allow Satan to destroy our destiny?. Surely „NOT“ We the new generation will do everything possible to resist. Mr. Nenorlea Gidiglo, let me tell you, I am an Evangelist, and I hope the duty of Amnesty international is not to defend and protect murders, but to defend people rights from being abused by scrupulous regimes, individual groups or persons. We are at war will evil doers and we shall let them smell pepper accordingly by the Law. We are there to train Ghanaians and other nationals World-wide to refrain from such criminal attitudes and live a peaceful life and prosper if they want. We shall raise our voices and show Ghanaians and the Whole-world their transgressions as God has commanded us to do. No one has the right or power of attorney, to kill because our creator says “Thou shall not kill”. Therefore Ghanaians who have understood that message are not prepared to kill neither are they prepared to do evil things to others. God said the “WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH” and everyone has a right to choose to live or to choose to die himself. Period. We the next generation shall not sit down unconcern to see that some people adapt Amnesty´s leniency and counterproductive social campaign to encourage satanic orientated organs to destabilise our freedom and peace. Everyone has the right to live in peace and has the right to die himself if he wants to do so and not take the lives of innocent people. No one has the right to kill the other, and Chief Justice E.K.Wredu was right to say this. The Chief Justice was said to have quoted this by saying: "I am a Christian and I believe that anyone who kills should also be killed". Mr. Gidiglo told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in an interview that "it was unfortunate for the Chief Justice to have used religion and Christianity for that matter as the basis for his belief in death penalty as a punitive measure." "I want to believe he said that in his personal capacity because he is not a law maker and he cannot determine which law remained or was repealed from the statute books," he said. He said much as the issue about the cancellation of the death penalty was controversial, it should be noted that the death penalty only increased the socio-economic burden of the state. Mr. Gidiglo explained that when one person was murdered, his children became the burden of society and when the murderer was killed as a way of punishment, his children added up to the burden and chances were that most of the children would become enemies of society in the future. Mr. Gidiglo said there was no justification in killing by the state when the law forbade citizens from killing. This he thinks: "It is a paradox." This means our Constitution should be re-written. Our Constitution should state clearly who has the right to kill his neighbour and who not, and who is above the Law. It should as well state which Head of State has the right to kill innocent civilians like what Rawlings did, and get away with it because our own “Useless and Powerless Constitution”, has no respect for those whom it was written for. I think that is what my dear Mr. Gidiglo is talking about. He says: “Kill and get away with it because Ghana Law is a baseless Law to bring you to Justice.” Mr. Gidiglo said experience in other jurisdictions such as Nigeria, has proved that death penalty does make criminals more callous rather than being a deterrent. He said criminals usually kill to destroy evidence, so if they know they could be killed when caught, they are more likely to kill anyone who could provide evidence for their arrest. I think it will be better for Mr. Nenorlea Gidiglo to campaign for the abolishment of “Prison sentences” because the more we imprison them, the more they are likely to commit serious crimes and cause further socio-economic problems for the state. Look at a poor and a timid man like Mr. Gidiglo surrendering to criminals by saying this. He is perhaps a victim of these oppressors and therefore believes that we should let them alone to destroy us and get away with it. These are the so-called intellectuals we need to re-write our baseless Constitution and educate us on it one day. Let someone tell him that, Satan knows how “TIMID” Ghanaians are and as much that we fear death, he will always find means to provoke and kill the meek. We shall never abolish death penalty until the those criminals are brought to justice and taught to surrender and repent from their iniquities. We shall not convince any government to abolish it until the end of this crooked World is over. If any future president fails to give that oder, we shall let him sponsor the criminals by his own pocket money when they are cast into prison, and not the monies of the same widows and taxpayers. The President has an obligation and it is a promise, or else our excuse me to say, our useless Constitution would have to be re-written when we the “YOUTH” take up power. This fears in Ghanaians has paved the way for all sorts of criminal attitudes such as armed robbery, killing, molestation, stealing of nation wealth, lies, dictatorship, tribalism, discrimination, fraud and the abuse of human rights likewise the abuse of justice to take place in our society whiles empty and nefarious Pastors keep on preaching “HALLELUYA AMEN”. Who is who to bring these nefarious “LEADERS” and serious crime offenders to JUSTICE if our Law makers are afraid to be blamed?. If they themselves knowing very well that at the end of their service they will also have to face Justice if they commit any financial or criminal offence to the state, what do you think they will do with the implementation of the Law?. Can they campaign for Justice?. They need a cover-up. They know they can get away with it because Ghanaians are said to be “BLIND” and “MEEK” people. This is the reason why our country is practising “Lawlessness”. This is the reason why nefarious Pastors are allowed to continue preaching only prosperity to the people and ruining them financially, and nobody is prepared to rebuke them. Who are these Pastors accountable to? These crooked so-called Men of God are milking our people dry and because of fears no one seems to care, because God´s name is being use as a cover-up. For this fears in us, our leaders hands are also defiled with blood, their fingers with iniquity, their tongues has muttered perverseness. None calleth for Justice, nor pleadeth for truth, they trust in vanity, and speak lies, the conceive mischief, and bring forth iniquity. We will as well deal with those scrupulous Leaders, false Prophets and Pastors who are incapable of preaching and teaching the truth to the people and to make them accountable for their laziness in contributing to the development of our country. We the youth are on our way preparing to put the record straight in due course. My “WAR” on “INJUSTICE” will come very soon. Let someone out there tell Mr. Nenorlea Gidiglo and other leaders that they should be reckoning with bitter pills that they will have to swallow, if they continue preaching “LIES” and singing “Halleluya praise the Lord” to our people. Tell those criminals an armed robbers that, we will let them smell that pepper one day. “The Stick that was used to hit Mr. Baah will be used to hit Mr. Takyi”.


Prince Aidoo Ghana Social Democrats West Germany

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