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Diabolical Machinations of NPP Leadership and Surrogates

Diabolical Machinations of NPP Leadership and Surrogates
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The leadership of NPP has conjured a modern day political war machine, the like of which is unknown in Ghana, since the late 1940's, when the quest for political independence was at its zenith. In those early days, it was the American inspired Nkrumah who dazzled the political landscape with sophistry, capturing the niche of political activism, and transforming a lackadaisical populace by mesmerizing them to his points of view regarding Independence. Former President Jerry John Rawlings burst on the scene to lead a people yearning to liberate their own. He was an exemplar of a pillar of justice. President Rawlings came in like a "voice crying from the wilderness" in search of justice for his people. It is however left for history to tell us whether or not President Rawlings had a blueprint for his work for justice at the beginning. What is abundantly clea! r is that brilliant technocrats like Tsikata and Ahwoi rallied to the cause. Life was hard for Ghanaians of every persuasion then, yet these selfless Ghanaians, led by President Rawlings managed to remove those unattractive "Rawlings Chains" within his own era and put back the smiles on their faces. Both Professor Mills and Dr. Botchwey played significant roles in the forward march of Ghana. Now comes the clandestine political war machinery of the NPP leadership and their surrogates like Professor Stephen Kwaku Asare, denigrating the former President Rawlings and challenging the credentials of NDC Flag Bearer(s). This Professor Asare is nothing but an attack dog of NPP leadership. His objective is common placed. He carries the dirty laundry of his handlers, vilifies his political opponents without regard to simple logic and reasoning. In his many writings on CYBERSPACE and in local newspapers in Ghana such as Chronicle and Accra Daily Mail, Profess! or Stephen Kwaku Asare of University of Florida, evokes a lot of dupli city as a person who veers into Disciplines he barely knows nothing about, pontificating in nauseating manner on Law, Constitution, Latin, Medieval History, Anthropology, Asantehene, Agriculture, Dagbon, Chieftaincy, Human Anatomy, Occult Sciences, Astronomy, IF'C' loan, or Cassava Politics. Like a drunken sailor on shore bent on having his way, he has embarked on numerous untenable and mind boggling 'missions' to save Ghana from herself! Witness his ludicrous call for Declaration at the Supreme Court of Ghana that the Speaker of Parliament has no right to act as President of Ghana in absence of both the President and Vice President from Ghana. Like a confused deer in the glare of headlight, he bemoans and opposes the setting up of the National Reconciliation Committee at the same time as advocating for former President Rawlings to be dragged before it. He decries immunity before the NRC at the same time as winking at his mentors attempts to grant immunity to A! medeka, if brought to Ghana from his hideout, to tell them what they want to hear, not necessarily what the truth is! In the manner of a one track minded unreasonable person who proceeds to argue from a set position, going on and on and on, even in the face of compelling evidence that something about his position is clearly wrong, yet refusing to acknowledge his error, this Owura Asare presents a picture of himself as egoistic, not in the normal sense of the word, but in terms of the lowest of the low! This egoistic propensity to which he is prone to should rather have given way to genuine altruistic tendencies.. Certainly his mannerism is not symptomatic of American Professors, who are generally the finest in the world. This same Owura Asare keeps opening his mouth wider than the Gulf of Guinea, mixing issues and snowballing unrelated matters into one incomprehensible farce. Since he revels in quoting Latin phrases, perhaps he would understand the rule ! 'RES INTER ALIOS ACTA' better than most people. One is forbidden from introducing collateral facts that by their nature are incapable of affording any reasonable presumption or inference as to the principal matter in dispute. An educated person would know to give credit where it is due and lambaste excesses or failures. An academically bankrupt person would forever be talking only of perceived inadequacies, introducing collateral matters that cannot be supported by evidence. It beats incredulity to read a statement from Owura Asare such as " We have to revisit the murder of the judges and determine what happened to Mawuli Gorkah, Kyeremeh Djan, et ceteraa.". Were Mawuli Gorkah, Kyeremeh Djan, Aliu, Gyiwah and others, also unfortunate Judges who were murdered by Amartey Kwei ,Amedeka and Company? Or, would Prof. K. Asare come back to 'lecture' that the word 'and' he used in that sentence was disjunctive not conjunctive referring to different issues? He dares not! If he does, he would have proven the charge that his mind wanders asunder a! nd is fond of fallacious mixing of issues. His unwholesome attack on former President JJ Rawlings, as he put it, was a result of aggravation in the fear that strong elements are still holding the banner of the NDC high. The retort that former President Rawlings is 'petrified by accountability' flies in the face of reality simply because he still lives in Ghana, despite attempts to kill him and or sully his reputation. Many past African leaders, like Mobutu, ran away from their own country. President Rawlings has thrown the gauntlet and challenged NPP leadership to stay in Ghana when out of power, like he has done, together with his former government members! No, former President Rawlings is not corrupt neither has he been proven corrupt. The worst form of corruption and cover up is at the doorstep of NPP leadership. Otherwise how could NPP appointees fraudulently transfer millions of dollars without due recourse to regulation only to t! urn round to beg the foreign recipient to cover up the deed as has hap pened at Ghana Civil Aviation Authority? This is real corruption at its worst. Name it, Sahara Oil Deal, Castle Renovations, Ministerial Houses Renovations, Ministerial Visa Racketeering cum modern day Slavery, Misuse of Per diems and so on. No, former President Rawlings is not cruel neither has he been proven liable to cruelty. His rigid and uncompromising stand for justice has been misconstrued by the Asare's of this world as something else, letting loose figments of their imagination. As a leader, but first of all being human, former President Rawlings has his faults compounded by his failure to grasp the importance of quick and efficient responses to diabolical lies, half truths and evil machinations of his political enemies. Looking critically at the words and actions of some ungrateful elements in and outside Ghana, it is clear that their perception of historical events of the Rawlings era is diametrically opposed to the truth. The Rawlingses' of this world believe in Victor Hugo's inspirational saying that "the future has several names: to the fearful, it is terror; to the anxious, it is agony ; and to the man of faith, it is ideal". Former President Rawlings looks to the future as ideal. So does NDC!

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